Grover, Grubs and Go Fish


We’re flying into the weekend! Woo hoo! Were you here last week? If so, you know my Friday posts are a potpourri of things from the week. Here you will find what Grover and I have in common with one another and how my son can influence girls, all while enjoying a game (or 20 gabilion) of Go Fish!

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More of This and That with a Little Less of the Other


If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know my posts on Friday are fluffy and flighty. Today is no different, though my thoughts will be more varied and less organized.

.:: Here is a picture of my baby, Tessa. Well, Tessa’s not really my baby. But, I help her Mom and Dad out twice a week during the overnight hours. This picture was taken by Tessa’s Mom back in November. Tessa celebrated her 6 month birthday this month. She is such a cutie, and I am honored to care for her twice a week.

.:: I am embarrassed that I miss both Facebook and Twitter as much as I do. I was not always actively posting on Facebook, but I was always actively looking, reading and – ahem – poking. The urge to do a quick peek remains strong, but I haven’t caved to the urge. The source of the urge is the sense that I am missing out on fun, news and – I admit it – gossip. It reminds me of when I was little and had to go to bed. The instant I’d got in bed, I’d smell the makings of popcorn. Fun was had without me. Humph. Continue reading

Bedfellows, Buddies and Berber – Oh my!


.:: Bedfellows
Having spent the past six days with a sick child, we are thrilled to start today off with a completely healthy household. The crowd goes wild! Our routine is back. And again, the crowd goes wild.

Charlie spent three nights sleeping with me, in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. And Daddy – well, Daddy slept on the couch. Last night, Charlie was ready, willing and able to return to his bed. Immediately, Joe asked if he could sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Daddy said yes. I had to work and wasn’t home, so Daddy actually got to sleep in the bed.

When we were putting Joe to bed, he said “If you snore, Daddy. Don’t. Because I hate that.” Continue reading

This Title Has Nothing to do with This Post but Joe does


As I look at you – yes, you – through the screen on your computer, I must tell you, “I have a headache.” There. I said it.

I want to write a post. I want to write an entertaining post. But my head pounds with pressure; it pounds with pressures of parenting, pressures of employment, pressures of finances, pressures of deadlines, pressures of health and pressures of obligations. Can you relate? Yes, I know you can. Continue reading

Liking the sound of my own writing


We gathered at my brother’s house this past weekend. We were celebrating the high school graduation of my brother’s daughter. All my siblings came to the celebration, so the house was full.

At one point, everyone got together while my niece opened her cards and presents from the countless well-wishers. After the 50th (or was it the 50th gabillion) card, the peanut gallery became slap happy. Facial expressions, rolling eyes and hand signals were used when the lengthier cards were read aloud. Continue reading