60 Clear as Mud Moments

“Finally,” I said to myself. “I have a moment.” Smiling, I chuckle to myself and say, “Actually, I have about 60 moments, if each moment is a minute long.” Then I shake my head, proving (yet again) that I am a dork.

This week has been crazy. I look at the calendar, and I see too many commitments and too many deadlines. I get up and head to the bedroom, where I find laundry baskets filled with dirty clothes. Read more

Mr. Man will not deter me today

If you read my post from yesterday, you know my plan was thwarted due to Mr. Man informing me that ‘no cameras were allowed‘. Well, even though Mr. Man literally sits at the little round table in front of me (no, I’m not kidding), I am not going to be deterred. I will write a post about my bestest blogging buddies.

Mr. Man, you will not sidetrack me. Though you sit across from me, and you are probably trying to hack into my laptop, ensuring all camera programs are disconnected and all picture files are deleted, I will still write. You cannot keep me silent.

You may have the ability to place a lens cap on my photos, but you cannot put a lens cap on my voice. Oh no, Mr. Man, I still have my voice. And today – today I am going to use my voice. Watch me, Mr. Man. Watch me, and listen to me. Oh, and smile for the camera. *click* Read more