60 Clear as Mud Moments

“Finally,” I said to myself. “I have a moment.” Smiling, I chuckle to myself and say, “Actually, I have about 60 moments, if each moment is a minute long.” Then I shake my head, proving (yet again) that I am a dork.

This week has been crazy. I look at the calendar, and I see too many commitments and too many deadlines. I get up and head to the bedroom, where I find laundry baskets filled with dirty clothes.

“Why are you reflecting back? You’ve done the laundry. You’ve met the commitments. And, like most deadlines, it was pushed back. You’re here now. Enjoy the quiet.” I tell myself.

I’m right. “I know.”

Actually, it’s not really quiet. I’m not home looking a calendar, commitments, deadlines or laundry. I am in a coffee shop. At the moment Frank Sinatra or a Frank Sinatra-wanna-be is singing in the background. The coffee counter is busy with customers, and tables are covered with bags, papers, cups and patrons all taking advantage of time – time and caffeine.

Across from me, two women discuss math. One of the gals is using a combination of words such as, “finding the value of A if C is not a constant”. Oh, and she just mentioned ‘derivatives’. My heart races, and as I flashback to my school years a chill runs down my spine, reminding me those were scary years. Math is scary. “You should dress up as an equation for Halloween.” I tell myself. (I crack myself up.)

The number of my Facebook friends has dropped from over 200 to 31. “What does that have to do with the price of fish – or derivatives, for that matter?” Nothing. But, this is the first time in a week that I have a chance to release the voices in my head. Let’s say I am trying my hand at blog ‘Freestyling’.

So, I closed my main Facebook account, but I still have a Facebook page for my blog. (Why not “Like” it!)

In order to have a Facebook ‘page’, one has to have an account tied to the page (for admin purposes). My ‘new’ personal page is a smaller page. My new personal page is an intimate page – though in a non-consummating kind of way.

My husband requested I limit my ice cream consumption (not consummation) to four pints a week month. Today is the 11th of the month; I’ve already head four pints this month. I sure hope the rest of the month goes quickly.

Oma drinks hot chocolate year round. Again, this has nothing to do with the price of fish – or ice cream. Still, I feel the need to share the fact that Oma does not like coffee – Oma drinks hot chocolate. Don’t give him a strange look if you see him drinking his hot chocolate during the heat of the summer, either. Because, chances are – you’re drinking a hot cup of coffee.

I like blogging ‘Freestyle’. Oh, oh, let me throw out …. “Word!” (Yeah Boy-Ee! It”s cool.)

Do you live like there is no tomorrow? I don’t. Nor do I have any desire to live like there is no tomorrow. I’ll dance like no one is watching, but I won’t live like there is no tomorrow. I won’t do today what I can put of until tomorrow, either. I mean, why not put off vacuuming until tomorrow? If I die today, I won’t have to worry about vacuuming! I’m sure my husband could manage vacuuming the house. I think he knows where we keep the vacuum…

Do you know how I spend two hours of my day every Monday – Friday? No? Okay. Just thought I’d check.

Um ... what paint?

What is red and smells like blue paint?

Oh, you want to know how I spend two hours of my day every Monday – Friday? Forgive me. I’ll tell you now. At 2pm Monday – Friday, I head to my boys’ school to pick them up. Charlie school ends at 2:45. Once he is in the car, I drive across the street to pick up his brother, Joe. Joe’s school ends at 3:20. For 35 minutes, Charlie and I sit in the car and wait. Sometimes we’ll venture outside and run around the car. Playing ‘Firedrill’ isn’t as much fun in a parking lot as it is when you play it at a red light. Though, apparently it is not safe for a five year old to run around the car while stopped at a red light.

The time I spend picking up and waiting for the boys passes slowly. Oh so slowly. While it passes, I think about all the things I could be eating doing. Hold on a minute, are you wondering about what you could be doing if you weren’t reading this post? Well, fortunately for you, the end of my 60 moments is nearing. Hopefully, the next time I get a chance to write, the voices will have found better medication. Do you have any extra hot chocolate, Oma? Perhaps with a little pumpkin spice added?

Red paint. That’s the answer to the question I asked earlier. Remember? What is red and smells like blue paint? Red paint. Isn’t that hilarious?!

20 thoughts on “60 Clear as Mud Moments

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about Halloween most of my conscious life (conscious enough to watch Hollywood movies), and I remember wondering everytime I heard of a Halloween party about what I would dress up as. A maths equation is something I’d quite like to choose. So, if I attend such a party, I shall be an Equation, and claim patent for it.

    PS: In your next post, be a little more kind and suggest an Equation costume, too.

    1. If you attend a Halloween party, Priya – I do hope you’ll share a picture of your equation costume. I will certainly do the same – sharing a picture of what Rob and I create (if we create something).
      Thank you for visiting me, while I was slopping around in the mud. I’ll be nice and clean next time. Promise.

  2. Oh, those pictures are precious! And thanks for my morning giggle! Tell Oma I am totally on board with having hot chocolate every day. My husband makes fun of me all the time. I’ve even been known to sneak in a cup during the summer with extra whipped cream (I’m crazy like that!) I drink too much hot beverages in general I guess…

    I used to spend loads of time picking up the kids after school, but now my husband gets that lovely task as he’s home early from work now. mua ha ha! So now I just sit home with the baby and wonder where those 60 moments have gone.

    I’m with Priya, I think dressing up as a math equation is a great idea this year! I’ll be an imaginary number, how SCARY!

    1. The pictures are from Fall 2007, Darla. Seems so long ago, when I look at how little the boys are compared to today.

      I’ll have to think about the equation costume. Rob and I could be a formula of sorts. I’d have to use him as the consultant, seeing as I am mathematically challenged. The boys want to be a skeleton and ghost, so they won’t be participating in the fun. By the way – the imaginary number?! Darla – that is hysterical!!! Laughed out loud and laughed hard with that one!

    1. Why do I have to approve your comments, Jackie? You’ve left comments before – I’m not sure why the comments aren’t automatically approved?

      Yes, well – the ice cream has to wait until November. My October consumption quota was already met.
      Thankfully we have cookies …. so, I’ll eat cookies today and let the vacuuming wait until tomorrow. (smile)

    1. PW! PW! I see you! I see you!! Woo hoo! Thanks for your hard work in getting here. Your presence is appreciated. (smile)
      And yes, please share the blue paint joke. As silly as it sounds, I made several calls – on the phone – to share it with others.
      Yes, the paint joke was good enough for me to actually make phone calls. Now THAT is funny!

    1. If you mean buy ice cream in containers not labeled Ben & Jerry …. then maybe Rob would let me consume a few more pints a month. However, I’m not willing to skimp. I want the 450 SL or nothing. I will not settle for a Pinto. (No offense to the Pinto, of course.)

  3. Math is scary! More scary than zombies!
    Freestyle blogging is fun. I wouldn’t know cause I’m too much of a control freak to actually DO it, but reading it was incredibly fun!

    1. Amy you are too kind – I don’t know that the 60 moments of mud will go down as my best work, but I had to let go of form and substance – the thoughts and words needed to be released. I thought I’d drop the word ‘Free style” to make it seem planned. I know – pretty slick, eh? Yeah, not so much. Anywho….
      Imagine … a zombie math professor!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. I’m getting so many great ideas from your blog and participants. An imaginary number! Why can’t I think of cool stuff like that? Give me a moment…nah, nothing there. I wouldn’t worry about the ice cream. The last time I bought some, the road leading to our house was flooded by some freak storm (hadn’t flooded in 33 years). I thought my best hope would be to find a way to a fast food restaurant and grab a spoon. It did a good job of keeping my yogurt cold, though.

    1. The imaginary number idea from Darla was pretty ding dang funny, eh, Patti? I agree. Rob and I had a good laugh about it, too.
      I hope the waters have long since receded and you are on dry land with a cold fridge. Thank you for visiting!

  5. Math costume idea: perhaps you and hubby can be a 3 and a 1 = your fb number. You could wear an f hat and he could be the b hat. Hey…I’m dorky and meandering too.
    This week has been beyond busy…bear with me and my reading/posting/commenting habits.

    1. Beyond busy is my current state, too, Georgette. I think things are going to settle down soon …. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
      Now, the costume idea … you are using a formula, which confuses me. I am truly math challenged. What does FB mean?
      I like the idea of having a costume that consists of only a hat – I bet Rob would take part if that was the only thing to wear!

  6. I would love to see you dress up as an equation! (But, no, don’t look to me for suggestions on how to do that! Hee.)

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