Being Pulled :: A Drabble

Happy Friday, Kids. First, I need to extend an apology. Oh, no, I am not apologizing for the tough photo challenge this week. Nope. I quite enjoyed the fact that no one got it right. Mwahahahaha!

I am apologizing for the fact that I have not responded to comments or read other blogs in days/weeks. I’ve been busy with work and school things, and I have not had the time energy to stay on top of the “relaxing” part of my life. Things should settle down significantly after today, though.

As is the case whenever there is a “Wednesday’s What is It?”, my work of short-fiction exactly 100 words in length (aka a drabble) will reveal the mystery photo I posted on Wednesday. Forgive me, but I am quite pleased this photo was hard – wicked hard, even. It had to take something completely random to stump you smarties.

Let’s see if you can figure out the photo based on my drabble. Good luck! And, thank you very much for playing.


Being Pulled

He pulled the paper from the roll, thinking about how she pulled him into her life.
Her eyes.
He ripped the paper along the edge of the blade and felt as if heโ€™d been stabbed in the heart.
So much love.
His sonโ€™s project would have to wait. He had to get her before she was gone.
In his car, he raced to the place where he left her. How could he have just left her? He needed her โ€“ more than she needed him.
His stood at the window. Their eyes met. Her tail wagged. Goldie found her forever home.


14 thoughts on “Being Pulled :: A Drabble

      1. You were right the first time. I mean, whether it is used for art or other things, it is a large paper holder with a slicer. Do you remember them in art class? I found this one in the library of my kids’ school.

        1. I didn’t have art class in school. In elementary school we would do art projects at our desks, and in high school I was involved in music, so I couldn’t take art. I do remember it at our local butcher when I was a kid. They’d wrap the meat in paper and tie it with string.

  1. I was stumped this week!!! I thought it was something in the kitchen still— or some kind of holder but I was going for a flag holder. Totally did not get it but then I am not a schoolie so that was not fresh in my mind. Great one!!!!

  2. I couldn’t get it at all. I admire you taking on these writing challenges – I’ve been a total slug about writing, blogging, etc lately. Hope to get back with it soon!

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