Wednesday’s “What is it?”

Here we are again, Kids. Welcome to another installment of Wednesday’s “What is it?”

I hope I didn’t lose any players with the tough challenge from last week. For the record, the photo I shared last week was a paper roll/cutter. Rest assured, I think the mystery photo is a little more obvious this week. This week, the real challenge is getting your comment/guess in first.

So, what is it?  Leave a comment, letting me know what you think the photo shows. I’ll tell you the answer in my post on Friday.  (If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will need to use the back-arrow to return to the post.)

NOTE: I am making all comments ‘pending approval’, so everyone can guess on their own. Comments will be ‘released’ on Friday.


What is it


25 thoughts on “Wednesday’s “What is it?”

      1. We all have one of those. If you put up one of those Sherlock Holmes hats that looks like two baseball caps, one forward and one backward, I’ll get that right too. They give us those, but we don’t have to wear them.

  1. Mini blinds in your window! Oh – you mean that blur in the foreground. IDK – a close-up of a disc? No, no! It is one of those really expensive bike tires made of extremely light weight metal/ aluminum, because I can see the black outer rim put there for aesthetics. Got it right AGAIN!!

  2. Could be a buzz saw blade w/cover, an old LP, a kitchen coaster or trivet… I’m at a loss Lenore.
    blessings ~ maxi

  3. Hmmm… is it a CD (or a DVD)? Hahaha… well, I guess this could also mean that the mother-ship has finally come for me. I guess I should probably go pack a few things?! 🙂

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