Jingling :: A Drabble

You guys are smart! In honor of the good people of Boston I say, “You guys are wicked smart!”

As is the case whenever there is a “Wednesday’s What is It?”, my work of short-fiction exactly 100 words in length (aka a drabble) will reveal the mystery photo I posted on Wednesday. But let’s be honest, the photo this week was wicked easy.

I waited until Noon ET to post the photo, allowing those living on the West Coast a chance to play with fairly with the East Coast. It figures that the first time I do it, the first correct guess comes from a Southern Califorinian, Steve (Death Before Sour Mix). Congrats to you, Steve. Well done. I also tip my hat to the lot of you, as the majority guessed correctly.

For those of you stumped by my photo (as well as anyone visiting), please look for the answer in the following drabble:



“Salad Shooter!” Debbie sang at the top of her voice.

Katie laughed hard. “I remember that commercial!”

“Wait. Wait.” Jen said. “Do you remember, “The best part of waking up…”

Debbie and Katie sang “is Folgers in your cup!”

They laughed.

“Oh,” Katie began. “Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat!”

“Remember the carpet company?” Jen asked. “When you’re thinking Lincoln Lincoln, better carpeting for less. Call National 2-9000, National 2-9000.”

“No.” Debbie said. “But, I do know, Call 1-800 STEEMER, Stanley Steemer gets carpet cleaner!

Katie shook her head, giggling. “We’re so lame! A girl’s weekend, and we’re singing commercial jingles.”


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