Wednesday’s “What is it?”

Guess what day it is today. Come on. Say it with me, “It’s Wednesday’s “What is It?”!”

I am up in the air with regards to the photo this week. I don’t know whether I think this is a super hard challenge or this is a super easy challenge. I suppose I’ll find out based on how quickly and accurately you guess.

I am not offering a prize to the winner this week; however, once a month, I will offer a prize to the winner.

So, what is it?  Leave a comment, letting me know what you think the photo shows. I’ll tell you the answer in my post on Friday.  (If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will need to use the back-arrow to return to the post.)

NOTE: I am making all comments ‘pending approval’, so everyone can guess on their own. Comments will be ‘released’ on Friday.


What is it2


33 thoughts on “Wednesday’s “What is it?”

    1. I am so glad you guessed that, Maxi. One reason I used this particular shot was because I thought it looked like a drain cover of some sort. Thanks for validating me. (smile) Blessings to you.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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