Hercules :: A Drabble

Welcome to Drabble Day! I have high hopes that Drabble Day will become a national holiday, complete with a backing from Hallmark. You just wait. Then again, I have high hopes I’ll stump everyone with my mystery picture, and I’ve yet to succeed.

As is the case whenever there is a “Wednesday’s What is It?”, my work of short-fiction exactly 100 words in length (aka a drabble) will reveal the mystery photo I posted on Wednesday.

I was confident – CONFIDENT – my photo would prove challenging to most everyone, and I promised prizes to the first two folks that guessed the photo correctly. Please. I need to find a new group of followers, because this gang is just too darn smart. Just about everyone who guessed – guessed correctly.

Congratulations to Deanne and Beth Ann (It’s Just Life) for being the first two to correctly guess the mystery photo. Deanne has asked that I donate money to the Richard family (Richard Family Fund), in memory of Martin, their 8yr old son who was killed in the bomb blast during the Boston Marathon. (Special props to the FBI and Boston law enforcement on narrowing in on the bombers.) Beth Ann has asked that I donate money to UMCOR: United Methodist Committee on Relief.

It is my honor to donate $25 to the Richard Family Fund and $15 to UMCOR. Because of the item photographed, I will also donate $50 to the Society of St. Andrew: Gleaning Network. The Gleaning Network takes the food from the farms that would normally be left to rot or plowed under and distributes the food to agencies to salvage the food for the needy in their area.

I’m stumping you next week, Kids. Oh yes, I will stump you.

For those of you stumped by my photo (as well as anyone visiting), please look for the answer in the following drabble:



“Argh! I cannot get the lid off this jar!”

She pulled a knife from the drawer and tapped around the lid. She tried again to no avail.

She turned the jar over and banged the bottom with her fist.

Hopeful, she twisted the lid hard. Nothing.

“Frickin’ frackin!” She said.

“Need help?” Her husband asked from the other room.

As he walked into the kitchen, she handed him the jar “Can you open ‘er?”

“Yes. Yes I can. I am a can opener!”

“It’s a jar – not a can, and you’re a dork, a strong dork, but a dork. Thanks.”



23 thoughts on “Hercules :: A Drabble

  1. Thanks again, Lenore—for the donation! I love where Deanne designated her winnings—-I thought about that later that I should have done something related to Boston or the Texas fertilizer plant so I am glad she did!!! Thanks again!

  2. Loved your drabble, but the mystery photo was no mystery to me. Except where is all the bunched up paper and bits of dried food from opened cans of yore? That’s what MINE has!

    1. The one we use is gross – I tried snapping pictures of it first. I feared judgement if I posted pictures of the gunk. (smile) The one I pictured is rarely used.

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