Project 366: Day 365 Sunrise…Sunset

“Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly fly the years; one season following another, laden with happiness, and tears.” – “Sunrise, Sunset” Fiddler on the Roof.

As Project 366 comes to a close tomorrow, I made a point to capture the sun when it rose this morning, as well as when it began setting tonight. Thankfully, today was a sunny day. We’ve had several cloudy and/or rainy days lately, and the rain and clouds are expected to return tomorrow. I hope you’ll return tomorrow, too.


Project 366 Day 365 (1)


Project 366 Day 365 (2)


13 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 365 Sunrise…Sunset

  1. I totally admire your dedication to this challenge you put to yourself, Lenore. Job well done. (Uh, I hope I do not praise prematurely…. there is, after all, tomorrow…)!

  2. I wouldn’t miss The End! 🙂 These are great shots, I especially like the sunrise and the little bit of green that remains.

  3. It’s been such a treat to glimpse a little bit of your life this past year through pictures. Loved all the pictures of your loved ones, furry and not. Congrats on making it through this accomplishment. As much as I love to take photos, I don’t know that I could take one and actually post it every… single… day. Kudos and an early happy New Year.

  4. It’s been a full year for you. I applaud your tenacity in sticking with the project, even during the most trying of times. Hope 2013 brings better things to your family…lots of happiness and joy.

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