Project 366: Day 364 Thank You

I am so proud of my boys. They clean up after each meal, enjoy working in the kitchen. and take the time to write thank-you notes. I am so happy that I am raising them properly.

Hahahaha! Oh, I crack myself up. I cannot take one ounce of credit for anything I’ve mentioned. The cleaning up after each meal comes from their Montessori education, and the working in the kitchen and the thank-you note writing both come from Rob. I basically just bark out commands and yell when directions are not followed or rules are broken.

Maybe my New Year’s resolution will be to follow the example set by Rob. Hahahahaha! Oh, there I go cracking myself up again.


Project 366 Day 364


9 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 364 Thank You

  1. You crack me up, Lenore…don’t give me that. Your hand is in here as well. And heart! Thanks for instilling appreciation and good manners in these young me. I know more grandmothers who feel like the almighty invisible donors!

    1. I do try to instill appreciation and good manners, for certain. Alas, I tend to bark and yell most. As I told Linda, I am not a thank you note writer. Oh, how guilty I feel confessing such a fact. I will, though, write thank you notes this year. Your comment about the almighty invisible donors is true. Thank you for saying that, Amy. Truly. Thank you.

  2. Someone made the decision and extra commitment to put your boys into Montessori, so YES, you should take credit. AND, okay, maybe Rob orchestrates the thank-yous…but don’t they see mom making a daily effort to connect with her readership, to be thankful, graceful, and generous? Of course they do. They are lucky boys to have 2 such wonderful role models.

    1. Again – barking out orders. I demanded we invest in the Montessori style of education, and Rob saw no way to disagree. (smile) Fortunately, he is as thrilled with the results as I am, and we are doing all we can to ensure we can continue to pay the fees.
      I appreciate the kind words, but truly – Rob is the voice of reason and calm, whereas I am the noisy one in the house just making sure rules are followed, etc. Plus, I must confess, I am not one to write many thank you notes. I give credit where credit is due – and the credit is due to Rob.
      The kids know I am grateful for many things – so I do hope I am passing along the gift of gratitude, just not in a stamped envelope. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my neighborhood. I’ve stopped by your blog, and I will continue to visit you. I love the theme you use, as well as the thoughts you share. Glad you liked this post. The year of pictures was tough, but it was also fun.

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