Project 366: Day 366 525,600 Minutes (plus 1,440)

I have mixed feelings about this project coming to an end. On one hand, this challenge helped me document an entire year, forcing me to really look at my surroundings and enjoy the many moments that Рwithout this project Рmay have passed by without notice, and I am grateful I can relive these camera captured memories for days and years to come. Read more

Project 366: Day 365 Sunrise…Sunset

“Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly fly the years; one season following another, laden with happiness, and tears.” – “Sunrise, Sunset” Fiddler on the Roof.

As Project 366 comes to a close tomorrow, I made a point to capture the sun when it rose this morning, as well as when it began setting tonight. Thankfully, today was a sunny day. We’ve had several cloudy and/or rainy days lately, and the rain and clouds are expected to return tomorrow. I hope you’ll return tomorrow, too.

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Project 366: Day 344 Christmas Cacti

There was a time when I would take the boys to the grocery store with me and they would ask if we could buy a plant. Actually, most every time I take the boys to the grocery store they continue to ask if we can buy a plant. One word (of many words) people would not use to describe me is ‘gardener’. So, the fact that the three plants the boys brought home with them over a year and a half ago are not only alive but also thriving is…a Christmas miracle.

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