Project 366: Day 283 “Toad”ally Tuesday

This little guy hopped across our path during the exploration on Saturday. He was kind enough to visit with us for a bit, and we took advantage of his kindness. He was – wait for it – toadally cool!


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18 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 283 “Toad”ally Tuesday

    1. Turtles are hard to capture, Leonore. Perhaps I am too heavy footed when I walk along the path, but they ‘plop’ in the water before I get a chance to prove they exist. (smile) I’ll continue to try. Promise.

  1. Little toadies were my buddies when I was little, too. Though all your pictures on your home page are lovely, I gravitated towards this because of this.

    And the number’s already reached 285? Wow, Lenore, how did you manage to do it? Must’ve been tough!

    1. This is a tough project, Priya. I am not wishing away the year, but I will be glad when I am able to post the last picture. I am a toad lover, too. You have good taste in amphibians.

    1. Linda, if the boys were with me, they would have snagged the toad most definitely. The toad was grateful the kids were off playing elsewhere at the time.

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