Project 366: Day 284 He’s My Kid

I blame give credit to Rob for many things with regards to our boys. The picture today, however, proves I can take some blame credit for some things. Case in point, Joe is wearing a turtleneck. Moreover, Joe is wearing an orange turtleneck, two of my most favorite things.  I’ll take credit for the goofy grin, dirty glasses, and thumbs up pose, too. Rob gets a pass … today.



20 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 284 He’s My Kid

  1. Love it. Our youngest son ALWAYS had dirty glasses. Always. To the point of not being able to see out of them. Now when he wears glasses instead of his contacts he often gives them to me to clean……some things never end!

    1. I am amazed how dirty Joe’s glasses get, Beth Ann. I’ll ask him if he can still see through them, and he tells me yes. After I clean the glasses he’ll say, “Oh. I can see better now.” Silly boy.

    1. Dang blast it, Oma! Those suckers last as close to forever as is possible. He put that on without permission. The audacity of such a thing, eh? I sent him to his room for a month, and it still hasn’t come off. I suppose I should have sent him to the shower, instead.

    1. Wear the turtleneck and pull it over your eyes until Spring returns, Patti. (smile) I love snuggling with my turtlenecks. Toasty warm.
      And yes, boys will be boys. *sigh*

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