Project 366: Day 264 More Wires

I’m not too jazzed about either one of these pictures; however, I’m afraid it is all I have at the moment.

One shot is of the sun, believe it or not. This morning started quite foggy and gray. While stopped at a red light, I noticed the sun covered mysteriously by clouds. I stared into it, thinking I was looking at the moon. I liked the cloudy effect, combined with the wires. Shortly after I snapped the picture, the clouds were gone. Literally. Once the sun reached a certain place in the sky, the fog and clouds disappeared. It was amazing.

The second shot was just one of those, “Let’s see how this turns out” kind of shots. If I look at it for too long, my neck starts to hurt.


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8 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 264 More Wires

  1. I really think you have a natural talent, Lenore. Mara took photog lessons before heading out on her 8 week Safari / Africa / Turkey tour. Her pix show new skills. You have skills already. Take a course – become famous – and then remember your sister who insisted you have talent! :>)

    1. Thank you Sister Carol. And, by sister, I mean sibling. You were kicked out of the Nunnery right? Ha. Kidding. I don’t know about taking courses and becoming famous, but I could publish my own book of photographs and dedicate it to you, the one who insisted I have talent. 🙂

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