Project 366: Day 365 Our Legless Neighbor

Another day and another capture just before the sun sets.

I am not a fan of spiders. Generally speaking, if the critter has more legs than I have then I’d prefer to keep it at a distance. However, I am a fan of snakes. If feeding snakes weren’t so heart wrenching, I’d let my boys have a snake as a pet. Alas, I had a pet snake for years, and I just can’t deal with the death of another mouse.

While outside with the boys (and camera), I saw our neighborhood rat snake crossing the street. I’ve seen her several times, but this time I had my camera with me. And, when she was sliding by me, I reached out to pat her, which put her in defense mode. Brilliant!

If you want to see additional pictures of this beauty, you can find them on my Facebook page: Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly


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14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 365 Our Legless Neighbor

  1. She’s so cute! I’m generally a fan of reptiles, but you’re right about the feeding. I would only be able to have a vegetarian reptile 🙂 I don’t even want to deal with feeding them bugs because that’s just icky.

    When I was in college, I had a biology lab taught by a grad student who’d been in charge of raising a corn snake from a baby. She’d often let him hang on on her shoulder as she taught, and always had an open invitation for anyone to hold him if we wanted. One day I got up the courage and held him, and it was So.Cool. I loved realizing how soft he was and how neat it was to feel the muscles as he wound his way up my arm. Since then I’ve wanted a corn snake but can’t handle the idea of buying dead mice to feed it. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll find a nice leaf-eating tortoise at some point 🙂

    1. Leaf eating tortoise… that’s funny, Leonore. One of my sisters had two turtles. They were water turtles, and I don’t think you can buy them anymore. Something about spreading diseases or some such nonsense. (smile)
      I loved my snake, and I was fascinated by all of it. He was a bull snake, and I named him Taurus. Later, Taurus laid an egg. He wasn’t a ‘he’ afterall.

    1. Hahahahahaha! Let the record show, had I not been 100% certain the snake was non-venomous, I would NOT have pat her. Though, reaching out to pat a snake while my boys watch was NOT smart. I don’t want them to take risks like that …

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