A Question for My Fellow Bloggers

Do I know you?

Sometimes I feel as though I know you. I mean, I ‘see’ you here – in the blogosphere – most every day. I read your thoughts, I respond to your thoughts, and sometimes you respond to my thoughts in response to your thoughts.

But your name, what is your name? I’ve seen some people call you by name, while others address you by your blog name. If I know your name, but you didn’t tell me your name, may I call you by your name?

At what point is it okay to refer to you by name? Or, is it ever okay to refer to a fellow blogger by anything other than how he/she signs the posts?

My name is Lenore. Not coincidentally, the name of my blog is Lenore Diane.

I know other bloggers that have their name included in the name of their blog: Georgette Sullins, EMJAY and Them, Jacquelin Cangro, Julie True Kingsley, etc.

When I leave responses for the above bloggers, I typically refer to them by name. I feel pretty safe using their name, since it is the name of their blog.

But the others … the bloggers out there, spinning tales under the guise of an elusive blog name like*: “She who writes”, “I take my coffee black”, “Sometimes I am wrong”, or “One day, when I was little, yesterday”.

Who are these bloggers? One commenter addressed his comment to “David”**. Does that mean the blogger’s name is ‘David’? May I address him as ‘David’, too? Or, do I have to wait to be introduced.

How does one get introduced within the blogosphere? Does the commenter initiate the introduction, or is it up to the host/author of the post?

Though, as I have already noted, my name is right there on my blog for all in the world to see. Still, just to be clear, I am going to officially introduce myself.


Hello, my name is Lenore.

What is your name? May I call you by your name going forward?***

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope you will visit me again.


*These blog names are fictional. Any blog matching a mentioned name is purely coincidental.
** Though the name “David” is real, the name was used for hypothetical purposes only. No actual Davids were used or harmed during the writing of this post.
***Please know I hate the telephone, so I will not actually ‘call’ you. When I say ‘call’ I mean refer. (You can read the post I wrote about my hatred for the phone, just click on the bold letters.)

62 thoughts on “A Question for My Fellow Bloggers

  1. My name is Val (short for Valerie. Don’t call me Valerie, unless you are a long-lost relative that I didn’t know about, or you’re another Valerie (which you aren’t, you’re a Lenore, though I don’t know if the ‘Diane’ is a last name, a second name or a made-up name. No, it’s not made up, I’ve known a lot of Dianes and none of them were made up. Well, not in the fantasy sense, anyway) or you happened by my Redbubble portfolio where I had to call myself Valerie because I’d already been Val there and… oh heck, nevermind!

    I put my first name on my profile to go along with my gravatar (the userpic) so that when I comment people will know what to call me. Many people don’t know how to do that or even that it can be done. But years ago I had a blog on which I used a pen name (or pseudonym, or whatever) and nobody knew who I was. Not really. And that was great.

    What to call people? Well, let’s see. How about ‘OY! YOU!’? Or maybe not. It seems a little rude.

    Have a good journey of discovery on this blog post, Lenore. Or should I call you Miss, or Ms or Mrs Lenore? 😉

    1. Val, this is going down as one of my favorite comments from you. The tone of your comment played nicely with my babbling post. Thank you. 🙂
      Oh, Diane is not made up – just like the other Dianes you know. It was my middle name, until I married.

  2. It’s a tough call. I only recently have taken the leap to occasionally include my real name in emails with some people regarding a certain robot action figure. I don’t want it posted on my blog, so I prefer not to be addressed by it there. Some people feel comfortable with “Hipster”. I think I prefer that over “Hippie,” but HC also works. Then there’s Jules who calls me “Debbie,” which is not my name, but someone once told me I reminded him of the girl he wished he’d married. Her name was Debbie. Unfortunately, he was married to me at the time that he said it. Oops. 🙂

    1. I am NOT going to call you Debbie. I’ve seen others call you “Hipster”, but I wasn’t sure I was hip enough to call you “Hipster”, so I stuck with “HC”. If it is OK with you, I’m upgrading “HC” to “Hipster”. Okay, Hipster?
      Though, your taste in music reminds me of my sisters Jane and Carol. Maybe I’ll call you Jane.
      You don’t have any negative stories involving a “Jane” do you?
      What robot action figure? 😉

  3. Good to meet you, Lenore!
    Like you, I am quite happy for everyone to know my name. I am quite happy to “own” whatever I say in public fora. I even type my name at the end of every blog post, possibly because I think of them as letters, or some form of communication at any rate.
    It took me a long time as a child to “grow into” my name, and I am certainly not going to trade it now for somethingwithoutspaces54, or whatever!
    While some people have concerns about exposure on the Internet, and to a degree I share those concerns, I like the fact that my name is an integral part of my individuality. I am not going to compromise that by adopting any other name than the one given to me.
    Allison (with two ls)

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Allison w/two ls. (smile) Nice to meet you.Thank you for visiting.
      I understand why people do not want to share their name within the blogosphere. It’s a jungle in here sometimes,
      I am mainly curious to find the protocol of calling someone by name, when you read their name in comments. But again, I understand not wanting to share your name, even if you are proud of it. (smile)
      I’m proud of “Lenore” as well.

  4. Well, Miss Lenore. My name, as you know, is Katy. My blog is k8edid. Most folks figure it out, but I am called k8 a lot…in day to day interactions with folks, I’ve always corrected them as Kate doesn’t sound like my name. Here in blogland, I don’t mind at all.

    1. Initially, I called you k8 because of the blog name, and I liked the k and the 8 together. But, as I’ve seen ‘Katy’ used more (and used by you), I’ve made an effort to call you “Katy”.

      Hey do you remember the song “Katy… beautiful Katy, you’re the only g g g girl that I adore. When the m m m moon shines, over the cowshed, I’ll be waiting by the kitty k k kitchen door.” Wow. I have no idea where I learned that song… Sorry.

      1. My grandfather, whom I adored, sang it to me all the time. I miss him so. He also called me Ka-diddle-hopper and I toyed with using that for a blog name. He taught me to fish, and swear (although I generally try to refrain) and that you are never too old to play.

        1. Oh Katy…. I love Ka-diddle-hopper! That would make for an awesome blog name.
          My Mom took care of kids in the home. Lindsey was the name of one of the girl for whom my Mom cared. My Dad always referred to Lindsey as “Lindsey Loopner”. (Have I told you this already?)
          I can hear my Dad’s voice say it clearly, though it’s been nearly 20yrs since he died.
          We still refer to Lindsey as Lindsey Loopner. (Yes, we are still close with the family, after all these years.) Many of my friends thought Lindsey’s last name was Loopner. It was not.
          Ka-diddle-hopper. Love it.

  5. I’ve made a point to keep my name off the blog, but been more open with it in email. As one of the hidden ones, I’d say you’ve got to stay with whatever the individual is using on their site.

  6. Interesting dialog here. And I wonder what music Hipster/HC likes that reminds my sister of music I like.
    I’d be an anonymous blogger I think. I like and appreciate the anonymity – until I read pure genius – repeatedly – then I’d want to know who you are….
    So, as I said, “interesting dialog here”
    Have I ever signed my name?? Oh yeah, I’m not a blogger, just a commentator. Whew. If the CIA ever knew….! And let’s not even mention the FBI.

    1. Ha! You should read the Hipster’s blog, Carol. You’d like it. She’s a huge Dan Fogelberg fan.
      I’ll email you a link to her blog, in case you don’t come back and read this note.

  7. I don’t even know what my name is anymore, Lenore. I was hoping you could help me?My brain is oatmeal these days.

    I don’t mind if people call me Maineiac, but I prefer Darla, especially once they get to know me.

  8. You may call me anything you want to. I have many names. Beth Ann, Mary Beth, Ann Marie, Bethany, Pam Ann, Deb Ann, Ham Ann and many other variations of names that are not even close to my name. My favorite is my southern name of Billy Jo Bob Beth Ann given to me by my darling husband. But I answer to anything. So you can call me anything. Or refer to me as anything. Whatever. 🙂

  9. I’m me — when I started my online life, I didn’t even know I was supposed to hide who I am, so I’m me. People sometimes ask me if I worry about “being out there”, but it’s made me very aware of what I post. And like we’ve discussed before, I try not to post anything or comment to anyone anything that I wouldn’t say in person.

  10. You must know how much I heart this, Lenore! It was, after all, our names that initially brought us together.

    I did keep my name hidden for quite a while when I started blogging. In fact, it’s only been in the past two months or so that I put my entire name in a more prominent place on my blog. Part of that was about paranoia (hey – just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get me!) I was worried, for example, because of stories you read about teachers getting fired for a blog post (though I had no intention of ever writing anything that could get me fired!), or identity theft…stuff like that. I’m always hesitant to reveal too many details because of these practical reasons.

    I’m also a fairly reserved, private person – at least in more recent years. I don’t know if I’ve always been but never noticed/thought about it, or if I have become more reserved as I age. It may seem strange for a private person to display herself publicly via her writing, but I can’t not write, and I wanted to challenge myself by letting people actually see my writing. And I felt less shy about exposing myself to strangers, oddly enough, than I was about letting people I actually know read my work.

    Eventually, I worked up the courage to let people know that I’m Leonore (of the possible nicknames that could stem from that, I prefer Leo, and use it often), and then I took the plunge and revealed that I’m also Rodrigues.

    So wonderful to meet you, Lenore, both here and in person!

    1. Leonore… did you know this? Did you know that my best friend would tease me constantly in school by saying, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you”? Did you know that? I heart that you included it in your response. Paranoia is something I know very well. 🙂

      I think I’ve said in previous responses that I was leery about using my real name in the blogosphere, but over time I was more comfortable with it. I do my best to only write what – as Steve said – I would say out loud and in public. And, if they are going to steal my identity, I think they would do it in other ways.

      I’m still waiting for people to recognize me when I hand them my credit card. “OH! Are you THE Lenore?! From Lenore Diane? Oh! I love your blog. I follow you every day.” *sigh* That hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I need to charge more items. You think? 🙂

      1. So funny! I had no idea! Maybe paranoid people just “know” when they find more of our own kind 😉

        II love the idea of being recognized, but yeah…I’m thinking it’s not going to happen to me. That might be a good thing, though. I’ve been teaching at the community college long enough that I now run into former students all over the county. That might be enough “fame” for me 😉

  11. Very interesting post, Lenore.

    The name Maxi Malone is on my mail box by the street; phone calls are for Maxi; most people call me Maxi. Those who have read “Meet Maxi” know this is the name I use to write my novels.

    There were years when I had a clothing boutique named “Peaches” and a few people call me by that name.

    I used my photo at one time in my avatar, but changed it to the logo on my business card.

    The Internet is world-wide, and can be dangerous. Some don’t want to reveal anything personal, even their name.

    Hope this helps.

    Blessings to you ~ Maxi

    1. I agree with you, Maxi, and I completely understand why some chose not to share their name. Honestly, I got this idea for the post, because I do find blogs where the writer is referred to by name within the comments. I often wonder if the writer is OK with that. I suspect it is family members or close friends leaving their support. Still, I wonder if the writer would prefer they respect the anonymity.
      I like Maxi Malone, in part because I love alliteration! 🙂

  12. Sweet post and I love the comments! I really can’t stand my first name. Really. I tried to change it over the years but it never stuck. My sister got the better name. You can call me SnoringDog, SDS, or JC.

    1. Thanks, Dog! Oh wait. That wasn’t included on the list of approved names. 🙂
      I wanted to change my name in elementary school. I tried to get people to call me “Diane”. It never happened.
      I’m glad you liked the post and the comments. It was a fun post to write. Thanks for visiting, SDS!

  13. Blogging friend Al and his wife were in town and I had the pleasure of meeting them “for real” last night. He asked me why my blog is called winsomebella. It is a story I hold tightly and which is meaningful to me but surely quizzical to everybody else. Hmmmmm, topic for another post? As far as what you call me, I answer to various versions of winsomebella and/or my given name Stacia. Glad to have those formalities behind us, Lenore 🙂

    1. The beauty of the blogosphere, Bella – er, I mean, Stacia (smile) – is… you can share what you want to share, and you do not have to share an ounce more. I’m glad you were able to meet a fellow blogger face to face. I hope to meet more in the future. It’s a very neat and special thing. Nice to officially meet you, Stacia. 🙂

  14. The reason I picked the blog name I did was simply because I was working on a project of that name (minus ‘guy’) at that time, and I thought people might more easily recognize me on their site(s) that way. Later (when I switched formats), I decided to keep the name because I didn’t want to confuse people. Please feel free to call me Robert, Bob, by my screen name, and/or any slang-ish thing related to any of those. Believe me, Ms. D… I’ve been called much worse than any combination thereof!

    1. You and me both, SIG. Oh the names I’ve been called… 🙂
      My husband’s name is Robert, though I call him Rob. He half wishes people would call him “Bob”, because he thinks it is a cool name. And, as he says, “Have you ever met a ‘Bob’ you didn’t like? Everybody loves Bob!” Being that I like your work so much, you make a great “Bob”. 😀

  15. Initailly, I had no intention of using my name, but as I continued my blogging journey, I discovered that I began to feel connected to other bloggers and added my name to my comments box to make it more personal. Now many of my fellow bloggers feel like old friends, the type you’d like to have coffee with or share a bottle of wine. 🙂 Nancy

      1. Sha’woo! I was afraid I was publicly getting ‘dissed’, Nancy. Thanks for that save! 🙂
        I’d quite enjoy having a cup of coffee with you. I’d probably as that you bring your kids, too. 😀

  16. Hi Leonore, Some other Mary must have got there before me so I’m marymtf. I think that unless you’re told the blogger’s actual, name or you ask what it is, you would probably need to address that blogger by his or her blog name.
    For me, the larger issue might be the etiquette of the return visit. Do you visit the blogger who ‘liked’ you or ‘commented’ on your blog and like it or comment in return? WordPress is always encouraging it.

    1. Good feedback, Mary. Thank you. Nice to meet you.
      My question was more a ‘thinking out loud’ kind of question. I’ve traveled throughout the blogosphere (smile), and I’ve seen many people referred to many things, including their name. The topic struck me as funny, so I wrote about it. I do try to visit most who visit me. The blogosphere is endless …

  17. Now this is the post that has begged to be written. Whew…thank you for straightening this awkwardness out. You know, at one point I saw you just write Lenore as your name and I thought, “Goodness, she doesn’t like LD.” Now, I can ask you, are you okay w/ LD? I only ask because I waffle between Lenore and LD.

    1. I am completely fine with LD, Georgette! I write Lenore out of habit, but LD works for me, too!
      I forget who I told, but I tried to change my name to ‘Diane’ when I was little. Everyone still called me Lenore. So, with you calling me LD, it gives me extra satisfaction knowing ‘Diane’ is being used. (smile)

  18. Hi Lenore! Every time I see your name, the first thing that pops into my head after you, is Lenore, NC. My husband’s family is from Mountain City, TN (right near NC and VA), and friends of his have worked in Lenore in the past.

    But I digress. Thoughtful post today! So that you don’t have to call me M2M any longer, I’m officially introducing myself to you. I was named Susan. But over the years I have answered to Susie, Suse-ma-tooze, Suse (pronounced sooze), Sue, and just from my Dad: Suse-a-lee. Please fell free to call me Sue, as my friends these days call me that.

    1. Nice to officially meet you, Susan. A friend of mine and I had nick-names for each other in college. Because we both liked taking naps, her nickname was Snooze, and my nickname was Snore. Her real name is Susan, which is why I brought it up. Anyway… 🙂

      Oh, and I have a friend living in Maryville, TN. We drive through the city of Lenoir when we visit her. They misspell the name, though. 🙂

  19. I’ve often puzzled over this very question, Lenore. I realize that some bloggers are concerned about sharing their personal identity with the world, so I try to be careful and only refer to them by their blogger handle, even if I do know their given name. But I think you know me! I’m Linda and you can call me that or whatever you’re moved to call me at the moment. I’ve been called all sorts of things! And now I shall examine my own blog site to see if I make it easy for people to call me by name…

    1. My apologies, Linda. I don’t know if you signed a comment with your name, or if I just took the initiative when I saw your email address. I’m not sure when or why I started calling you by name. I promise to always call you something nice. 🙂 It’s good to ‘meet’ you.

      1. Truly, this was a great post, Lenore. You’ve broached a topic that has mystified me from the beginning of blogging.Some people are really touchy about personal exposure. Obviously, not me. I’m just fat, dumb and happy Linda. ;-}\

  20. Hi, Lenore.

    My name is Darcel. I don’t have my name on my blog just because I don’t want many people especially my employers knowing that I have a blog.
    Great post btw. 🙂

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