Project 366: Day 195

Soon, Rob, the boys, and I will load up a car and head North for Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia. Amherst Shore is a place my Mom’s family has visited annually for over 100 years. Seriously.

As a child spending my summers at Amherst Shore, I remember eating meals on brightly colored plates and in brightly colored bowls. When I moved out on my own and had to invest in my own plates, bowls, etc., I bought a small set of the same stuff we used at the Shore. And when Rob and I were married, I seized the opportunity to register for more of the colorful collection.

Every time I use our plates, bowls, etc., I am taken back to the summers of my youth. Long live Fiesta-ware, and long live Amherst Shore!



34 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 195

    1. Aw. Thanks, Julie! No, I’m not on Pinterest. My other addictions keep me busy enough. (smile) I may join soon, though. Just for blogging purposes, of course. (smile)

    1. Oh Katy, I would most certainly enjoy your company. Come on up. There is plenty of room. You could fly to Bangor, and we could drive you the rest of the way. Just remember to bring your passport.

          1. Because of upcoming surgery – can’t do much until later this year (fall?) I do so want to meet other bloggers. If I won the Powerball tonight, I believe I would make Sweet Cheeks drive me around the country to meet my favorites (no flying, please – you know I get too nervous…..(shudder).

    1. We’ll pick you up in Bangor, too, Peg. The more the merrier!

      I have a few of the vintage pieces (lead included), and there is still the sparse collection at the Shore. The collection resides in “The Big White Cottage”, where four families stayed during the summer. (My Mom’s kids, her sister and her kids, her brother and his kids, and her other brother and his kids.

      Nowadays, we’ve spread out to other cottages around the Big White Cottage. The history of the Shore is a wonderful one.

  1. Love Fiesta ware. Have a safe and merry trip. If Kate washes, Peg dries and Darla provides a road stop, you will have all the help you could ask for.
    I had a pen pal in Parrsboro, NS when I was young. We wrote for years.
    I’ll be in Philadelphia soon…still no chance of our paths crossing. But if we keep traveling…someday it may happen.

    1. I had a pen pal, too, Georgette! I don’t remember where she lived. While at the shore I put a message in a bottle, she found it, and she sent me a letter. We corresponded for about a year. What fun!
      Of course nowadays, a message in a bottle is frowned upon due to littering and all.

  2. Looks fairly durable too… which is always nice because it seems every time I wash the dishes I manage to *smash*
    yeah. That.
    I really like the colors!

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