Project 366: Day 193

I’d like to thank my son, Joe, for remaining still through the ‘click’ and not ducking at the last moment. I appreciate his reluctant cooperation.

May you find your day cooperates with you.



8 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 193

  1. Thanks, Joe! I remember trying to get a photo of one of my nephews, back in my film days. Every picture of him had him missing! That may be the incident that drove me to digital!

  2. A picture truly IS worth a thousand words, like …”REALLY, MOM! ,,, Again with the camera!!!! (uggghh) One thing about it .. even his lil’ “nano-second, only-if-I-have-to” smile is just so stinkin’ adorable! Now , about the vultures … did you happen to send them up here? Cuz’ I for sure have them hanging around here!

    1. Joe is so photogenic if he would just keep still! (smile)
      The vultures have left the roost here, Donna. Perhaps they have moved your way. No worries, they were friendly.

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