Project 366: Day 184

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. I’ve tried and tried again to grow sunflowers in our yard to no avail. Trees surround our yard providing another kind of beauty. Still, I hope for the day I am able to grow my own garden of sunflowers.

Until that time, I am grateful for the patches of sunflowers near our home. May this giant beauty add a bit of sun to your day, and may you come across one of your own favorite things.



28 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 184

  1. I would love to grow some too. So far no such “accidents” in the pastures at the farm. Rick picked up some wildflower seed in Fredericksburg. The shop owners said just throw it out in the pastures. hmmmm…wonder what we’ll get.

    1. I fed birds sunflower seeds religiously in hopes I would be fortunate to have a happy accident. A woman I know does the same thing, and she has a bountiful prize of sunflowers. Alas, I’ve yet to get the same results.

    1. Those were the laziest bees I’d ever seen, Peg. That sunflower must have been coated with something similar to catnip. Those bees were so into the flower, they did not even know I was there.

  2. I needed to “like” your post so my gravatar would show up. I love sunflowers too!! I found sunflowers to be extremely easy to grow – hurricane Irene hit my northern Vermont home last August and my sunflowers all got knocked down – but none died – they just changed their route toward the sun. Amazing.

    1. What an excellent gravatar, Katy. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my photo. I am glad your sunflowers survived Irene. These flowers are beautiful and robust!

  3. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. wondering if I can grow them here. I’ll check it out on the net.. We have large bees here and I stay away from my flowers when they are blooming.

  4. I like sunflowers, too. I’ve seen some shorter varieties.–they might do better here. I don’t have much shelter from the wind for the tall ones.

  5. I’ve always loved sunflowers, and your picture was a beauty. The little farm down the street grows them, and I try to pick a bunch up every few weeks. I found that if I put seven-up in the water, they stay perfect for nearly two weeks.

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