Project 366: Day 185

When the pups are outside, Jojo has free reign of the kitchen/dinning room area. If we forget to either push the chairs away from table or push the chairs under the table, Jojo seizes the opportunity to hop up and explore the dinning room table. Apparently, he has a thing for napkins.



32 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 185

  1. Jo has red eyes, white coat, now a little blue around his neck with a little “liberty” bell might let you know where he is and observe our holiday tomorrow! Just thinking….:)

    1. That’s funny, Georgette. I may have to look around for a blue ribbon. Jojo is so hard to photograph. He’s quick, and his eyes always reflect the light.

  2. If you see black jelly beans out on the dining room table, and you didn’t put them there…I wouldn’t eat them. Just a little safety tip.

  3. I had a bunny that loved to be “up,” too. She usually bounded onto the chest at the foot of the bed, then onto the bed. There are still claw scratches in the chest, a fond reminder of an adventurous girl.

    1. I continue to be amazed at how much Jojo travels and explores. Having an indoor bunny with a bit of freedom is nothing less than entertaining. We are really going to miss him when he goes back to his real home.

  4. He is so cute. I can just feel his fur under my fingers. I always wanted a bunny as a kid. But I had horses, dogs, cats, sheep, coyotes, and birds. Mom woulda crapped if I’d tried to introduce a bunny to the zoo.

  5. We had two white rabbits, named Sophia and Loren, and they looked just like Jojo. I still think about them a lot, especially when I’m cutting up celery, which they loved.

    1. Sophia and Loren. Great names, Charles. Jojo doesn’t seem overjoyed when given celery. He really likes the cores of apples, the greens from carrots, and lettuce. He’s a very hungry bunny.

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