Project 366: Day 167

‘Tis the season for nighttime exploration. Rest assured, the captives were released immediately following the hunt.



22 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 167

  1. Oh yay!!!! Lightening bugs!!! I wrote a book when I was in high school for creative writing called Franklin F Firefly—–I still have it…….I have a love of lightening bugs!!! 🙂

  2. That is cool! My kids would freak out and run away screaming. Too bad they don’t like bugs. I showed them the fireflies twinkling in our yard one night and they lost interest in five seconds. Sigh.

    1. Well, you guys also have mosquitoes the size of horses. I’d probably lose interest in the twinkling lights, after getting knocked down by the ‘squitoes!

  3. My granddaughters love lightning bugs (fireflies) just as much as the boys do. To the point where I finally have to say – enough with the bugs, okay? Let’s do something that won’t get me eaten alive by mosquitoes.

    Thanks for letting them go…

    1. I do the same thing: …lightning bugs (fireflies)….

      Do you do it when you’re speaking, too? I find people tend not to understand air parentheses as easily as air quotes. 😉

    1. Oh, there were way more than these pictured, I assure you. That thing was filled with fireflies. I’m quite certain we could have used the light emitted from the bugs to explore deep dark caves.

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