Tuesday night, Charlie spent the night at a friend’s house, while Joe and I went out for pizza and a movie.

Joe did not get to bed Tuesday night until after 9pm, which is later than his usual 7:30 bedtime. And Charlie? Well, when I went to his friend’s house to get him the Mom informed me that the boys were up well past 11:00, which is much later than his usual 7:30 bedtime.

So, I was not surprised when I looked in my rear-view mirror on the way home from camp to find two boys zonked out. I snapped these shots while stopped at a red light. Guess what?! I used my cell phone!



22 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 166

  1. Boy did I need this this morning LOL! (did I just say this this?) I do think this is my favorite post ever! Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Too cute! It’s amazing how kids can fall asleep any where in any position. One of these days I’m going to have to upgrade to a phone that takes pics. It’s nice to be able to snap a picture without any notice.

    1. Maxi, Joe has gotten into the habit of seeing each photo I post. If he sees me with the camera, he’ll ask “Is that for your blog?” I love seeing the smiles creep over his face when he sees a picture he really likes. Good stuff.

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