Project 366: Day 165

My brother has a fantastic garden in his backyard. He has a bountiful crop of green beans, which Joe took to immediately. With my brother’s permission, Joe spent a good bit of time picking (and eating) fresh green beans. Life is good!



17 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 165

  1. This brought back memories of when George and I were a young married couple with just two kids, and we lived in an old farmhouse in Connecticut. We had a lovely garden and grew green beans, among other things. Our youngest, Emily, used to sneak raw green beans, thinking we didn’t know. We knew, but we thought it was great that she was eating vegetables. Sweet picture.

    1. Exactly! I loved the fact that Joe was as happy as a Lark eating fresh beans out of the garden. I slipped some into his lunch today, and his smile was priceless.

  2. mmm I can taste ’em from here. I still love raw green beans and often add them to my salad 🙂 Great that you’re encouraging them to enjoy and crave healthy things! MJ

    1. The irony? I don’t like ’em. I’m a canned vegetable girl. I KNOW!! That is so awful!! Joe’s pretty picky when it comes to eating, too. I’m amazed he’ll take the beans off the plants and eat ’em. We checked on the things Rob is growing, and Joe just stood there plucking off and eating tomatoes – one after the other. He may not eat cook beans at the dinner table, but he’ll sure grab hold of fresh from the crop veggies!

  3. Oh, this brought back memories of picking and eating (and stringing and breaking for canning) the green beans my dad grew. Glad another generation enjoys them freshly picked.

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