You Tell Me :: A Caption Contest

This is not an original idea. I’ve never been a leader, and I see no reason to start now. So, following in the footsteps of The Byronic Man and The Good Greatsby, I am copying flattering them with my own caption contest.

This picture is not some random shot I found online. I snapped this shot myself (talented, eh?), and it screams for a caption. Please help me marry this photo with the best caption. Just leave your caption idea in the comments section. I’ll select my top 5 favorites and open it up for voting on Sunday June 17th. What’s the prize? Details, details. Just give a shot, OK?


What say you? Please leave your best caption idea within the comments.

40 thoughts on “You Tell Me :: A Caption Contest

  1. I don’t care if that bird DID poop on both of you …put the balls down, we are finishing this game!

      1. Well, it involves the woman in the middle (who I hope isn’t you because that means I didn’t recognize you and also I’ve already named her Gi Gi) saying, “No no no. I said hold onto your BALLS.”

    1. I’m just saying either you trust your sister or you don’t. I wouldn’t lie to you. The person who hits the most cars with one ball wins.

  2. Millie: “I’ll throw the ball, one of you three make a beer run.”
    Bud: “Not me!”
    Mic: “Not me!”
    Stella: “How come I’m always the last one and have to do the beer runs!?”

  3. Fred: “So you think the dent in your car was caused by a small, hard, sphere? Hmmm….no, doesn’t ring any bells. How about you, Stu?”
    Stu: “Nope. I got nothing.”

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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