Project 366: Day 164

A week ago today was the Venus Transit. What was the Venus Transit? It was when the planet Venus passed between the Sun and the Earth. The next Venus Transit will not take place until 2117. 

Rob and I are astrology astronomy geeks. Though he was out of town, the kids and I used Rob’s welding lenses to witness the celestial event. Just like I’ve used sunglasses to act as a filter for my camera, I thought I’d try using Rob’s welding lenses as a filter. My hope was to capture the event on film. To say I am thrilled with the results is an understatement. This picture is going down as one of my all time favorite shots.

Honestly, I can’t believe I took it. I look at the picture and think it is a professional shot. I’m good.


I cropped this picture, added the arrow, and added my name, no other modifications were made.


29 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 164

  1. My nephew took a picture of it also and I was amazed at how wonderful it turned out–just like yours!!! He used welding glasses also. Amazing what we can see if we look, right?? Kudos for a perfect shot!

    1. Very cool, Beth Ann! Does your nephew weld as a hobby? Rob wishes he had time to weld more. I am glad he was able to capture the moment on film, too. It really was amazing.

    1. Oma, the kids loved it. We even had to get in the car and find a place to see it one last time before bed. That’s actually when I took the picture – during the last viewing. I was so happy to share the moment with the kids.

  2. Wasn’t it just a few posts ago you said you weren’t a pro with the camera! You have got to be kidding!! That is just amazing and I am sooo impressed. Your boys must think you are the coolest mom EVER! Thanks so much for sharing! I saw a lot of stuff about it on the television, but not by anyone I know personally … well, OK, I don’t REALLY know you personally, but sometimes it “feels” like I do! Good job!!!

  3. That is *awesome*! Are you going to make an album of all of these pictures when you’re done? You so should! I used something called MyPublisher to make my own wedding album, and it was awesome!

    1. Is MyPublisher a website? I am going to put all these photos together in an album. I planned on using Shutterfly, but I really just want the pictures and no words. I’m finding Shutterfly really pushes you to make it personal. To me – the pictures tell the story. I’ll look into MyPublisher. Thanks for mentioning it.

      1. It was actually an application that I downloaded, and it will let you make the pictures fill the page without words (I didn’t use any captions), and then I got it in hardcover with a slipcover. It charges you based on number of pages and other options, but it was a fraction of the cost of a professional wedding album! This was 4 years ago, though, so things may have changed…hmm… looks like they’re alive and well:

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