Project 366: Day 153

Staying with the flower/plant focus of the week, I share this beauty with you.

Regardless of the fact that we ignore these daylilies, they continue to bloom for us year after year. I quite like these guys. Unfortunately, the group that was planted around a pine tree in the side yard did not do as well. One too many – turn away Patti – passes with the lawn mower ended their annual appearance.



8 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 153

    1. I committed to a picture a day, so I am sticking with it. Truth be told, it is hard. Then again, snapping a picture is easier than putting words together to create an entertaining post.

    1. It’ll be OK, Patti. The flower pictured is alive and well. There is a nice patch of day lilies in the backyard. And they are no where near my mowing path. I promise I will never mow over them.

  1. Before I read your post I was going to ask if this is some kind of Lily… I was so proud of myself! There are only about 4 tree species I recognize you know. And even fewer flowers!
    Beautiful, Ms. D!

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