First Steps :: A Drabble

Welcome to ‘drabble’ day. What is a ‘drabble’ you ask? A drabble is a short work of fiction, exactly 100 words in length.

Join me. Create your own 100-word piece of fiction. The more dabbling with drabbles the merrier. Tag your post with ‘Friday Drabble’ and use the hash-tag #fridaydrabble on Twitter.


“Mom, you can do this.”

She stood up and swayed a bit. Her husband grabbed her hand. She pulled it from him. “I’m fine.” She snapped.

Regaining control, she lunged forward towards the safety of the wall. Her feet clunked loudly catching up with the rest of her body. She took a deep breath.

“Easy.” Her husband cautioned.

She took her hands off the wall too quickly. Suddenly, her right foot slid out from underneath her. Her arms flailed in vain trying to keep her up. She landed with a thud.

“It’s okay, Mom. Roller skating is not for everyone.”


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