Project 366: Day 151

Yesterday, I informed you that Rob and I have not invested a penny into our yard. Today, I am letting you know that when I mow the lawn, I mow over a patch that once contained flowers. Perhaps the flowers were pansies, I don’t know.

When we bought the house, the mailbox was sectioned off by a circle of bricks, with flowers planted within the circle. I became increasingly frustrated with making my way around the bricks, so after several weeks, I pulled up the bricks and mowed the entire area. (Should I have prefaced that statement with ‘Graphic language, gardening-lover discretion advised’?)

Fear not, garden lovers. For pansies are, apparently, hydrangea-hardy. Look what I found in the patch of clover surrounding the mailbox.



12 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 151

    1. Ha! I have no muscles. I have seriously considered video taping me mowing the lawn when I am mowing up and down vs. side to side. I look awful pushing that mower (not self propelled) up the hill.

    1. Hahahahaha! Gives us something to ‘discuss’. LOVE IT! I’m sharing this with Rob. Thank you for naming the flower. I guess that is what was originally planted in that area. I can’t imagine that thing just popping up out of nowhere.

  1. I vote petunia, too. Looks good in a bed of clover. Yes, please place a warning on future posts with such violent content.

    1. I am sorry for the graphic content, Patti. I will certainly add a disclaimer next time. I hope you have recovered.
      The petunia did look nice with the clover.

    1. Oh the things I have mowed over … I’m surprised the blades are still in tact on the mower. Seriously – I’ve cleared ‘forests’ with our mower.

  2. I mowed down some Rose of Sharon bushes once. Bushes I’d just planted, I might add. I have no business touching anything with a motor and a blade. If you ever see me doing that, call the police. I’m serious.

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