Project 366: Day 150

The previous owner of our house planted a Hydrangea by a corner of the house. For nearly 10yrs, the plant has managed to thrive under the new management that is me and Rob. We are not gardeners. Other than trimming branches and mowing the lawn, we do not do yard work. Yes, Rob is growing some vegetables and fruit in buckets, but we have not invested a penny into the greenery that surrounds us.

Still, the Hydrangea thrives. And, thanks to an occasional ‘pee break’ by our young boys, the colors of the flowers change with every bloom.

I quite like this flowering gem.



11 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 150

  1. The hydrangea looks great! I’m thinking of growing some fruits and vegetables myself, so it’s good to know other non gardeners are excelling at it.

    1. My husband vegetables do quite well, Nicole. I’m not sure we’d be as ‘fruitful’ if we tried to create a full garden. I’m glad you liked the hydrangea. I enjoy it greatly.

    1. Yes – tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and cucumbers. That is what Rob is growing in large white containers. He’s been successful each year. Like you, I like seeing the plants, but I hate the work – hence, we live in a jungle. (smile)

  2. I love plants that don’t require attention–or very little. So nice of your boys to provide you with variety!

    1. Giggle, giggle. I realize some may think I over-shared with the extra bit of information. Still, the PH in the soil does cause the flowers of the hydrangeas to change color. It’s fascinating to me.

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