Call for Support :: Animal Rescue Organization in Need

My apologies in advance if any of you are offended by my posting a call for support. I am blatantly asking for monetary donations for an animal rescue organization I support. In the past, I’ve shared my story regarding Pick of the Litter, and I am grateful for the continued care our former pooch receives. (Our Pick of the Litter : My Story)

Today, I come to you with a letter from the Director of Pick of the Litter, Elise. Due to zoning issues, she is being forced to relocate her facility. She is in need of loans to make it happen. Please take a moment and read her information. At the end of the letter, I’ve attached the document that goes with her letter. Thank you.


Dear Friends,

We are quickly approaching the deadline of June 1st to have the dogs moved by and we are DESPERATE to raise the rest of the funds needed. We’ve only reached 2% of our goal. The property we are on now is completely paid for.  Once we move out, this house will be sold and we will be able to repay any and all loans, as well as have money left over to go towards caring for the animals.

Donations would be wonderful, but loans would work too.  We WILL have the ability to repay them once this house sells!!  Current combined debt for myself and Pick of the Litter is less than $6,000.

Our combined assets are over $180,000.  We just don’t have enough of a steady income stream to qualify for a traditional loan.

I have prepared a loan proposal packet and am seeking micro loans to help us meet our goal.  We need to raise an additional $35,000 for the buildings and set up. If you are in a position to make a loan of any amount ($250, $500, $1000, $5000+) to help us reach the goal and once again save the lives of these animals, please let me know and I will prepare/sign the loan documents to ensure repayment.

The power of micro loans is that lenders can assist with any amount they choose and with enough lenders, we can meet our goal!!

If you are not in a position to help, but may know someone that might be, please forward this proposal on our behalf.  We are desperate to make this work and need help in any way we can get it.

We would also love any offers to host a fundraiser for our project.  I have created a fundraising chipin that can be shared and cross posted as well.  Please see the link below.

Thank you in advance for taking time to read over the proposal.  Your help and support are critical to this project.

Sincerely –

Elise Cohen
Director Pick of the Litter

Click below to access file:

ESC POTL Proposal 2


10 thoughts on “Call for Support :: Animal Rescue Organization in Need

  1. I can forward this to my e-list of animal-loving friends. We just gave a gob of money to Hearts United for Animals and our local no-kill cat shelter. Don’t apologize for taking this to the blogosphere. There is no better way to get masses of people to take notice of an important cause.

    1. Angie, thank you so much. First, I appreciate your donations to the organizations in your area. I am happy to hear you are an animal lover/supporter. Thanks for your support. And second, I really appreciate you ‘understanding’ my need to share this post. Really. Thank you.

    2. I’m with Angie – don’t apologize! This is absolutely a worthwhile cause, and bloggers are some of the most generous -nay, THE most generous- folks I’ve ever been around!

  2. When I scroll back up and read this I’m gonna start feeling all ‘bad’ and stuff, aren’t I?
    Even though the pooch in that first photo has clearly been blessed with better balance than I have…

    1. Jackie, this brought tears to my eyes. (Fever induced, perhaps?!) Thank you so very much. On behalf of Elise, thank you for your donation. Every penny helps.

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