Project 366: Day 137


You are forewarned … death exists in the picture today. Leah made me do it.

Grammy (and Leah), this one – er two – are for you.




14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 137

  1. Whoa! Not what I expected at all! Not as yucky, actually a bit cool. Well, cool as in, I’d never go near it with a 10 foot pole cool. But seeing it here from the safety of my computer is cool!

  2. Ahhgggg!!! I love it Lenore! Thanks for posting!
    It reminds me of the freeze dried frog my sweetheart brought me a couple years back after a couple nights of temps 10 below zero. “Some girls get flowers. Some get chocolate.I got a freeze dried frog this morning” is what I wrote on my blog back then.

    • Oh my gosh!!! That is fascinating, Leah! I rank that up there with the ‘blankets’ you put on the calves. Wow. Okay, yeah – it may be odd to get a freeze dried frog vs. candy, but honestly – your gift is way cooler. (Easier on the hips, too.)
      I’m going to share this picture with my Mom. Who knows – she may try to top it. Watch out. 🙂

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