Project 366: Day 138

Though this is day 138 of Project 366, it is day 8 of Charlie being sick. The poor guy has been home from school since Friday of last week. His Kindergarten class graduation ceremony is Friday (tomorrow). I don’t think he’ll be able to attend. The fever he is battling tends to stay away in the morning, but it creeps back in the afternoon. Pneumonia is a nasty little bugger.



16 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 138

  1. awww…. makes me want to adjust his blankie, right from my spot here in MI. I hope he takes a turn for the better soon … Pneumonia is nothing to mess with. Hugs to you and Charlie. Are Wilbur and Cherokee standing guard? Something tells me yes.

  2. Oh no, nothing much worse than tending your sick child. All one can do is wait it out … with a sad heart.
    Blessings – Maxi

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