The End :: A Drabble

Salutations! I hope you enjoy my latest drabble.

A drabble is a work of fiction consisting 100 words.

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.: The End :.

Anneโ€™s whole body was shaking. Just one step and it would all be over.

Her breathing quickened, and her heart raced.

Fear began to take over, as her life flashed before her. She was having second thoughts.

Trying to scatter the thoughts, Anne shook her head.

There was no going back. She just needed to take that last step.

Slowly, she put one foot out, stepping into the air.

Anne screamed, but the scream was stolen by the wind.

Closing her eyes and bracing for impact, Anne started to cry. Then the bungee cord tightened and pulled her back up.


22 thoughts on “The End :: A Drabble

    1. Thanks, K8. How are you feeling? I hope the fever has broken, and you have found the pep back in your step. I’ve been thinking about you – but not in the weird stalker like ways. Promise.

      1. Well, I am still coughing up my lungs, but I actually do feel better. I am at work (I actually worked all week – somehow). My husband, on the other hand, sniffled twice this morning and called in sick. My weekend is really going to stink…

  1. Maybe that would get this kink out of my back…on second thought…No. I was following behind her, but didn’t see the bungee cord til the end.

  2. Hee. Someday I hope to know this feeling! Unfortunately, that day will be somewhere down the road, (roughly) no sooner than sixteen years from now.

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