Project 366: Day 56

Today’s photo is actually a series of photos, inspired by the men in my family.

Thursday night, the boys (big and small) sent me to the grocery store. Because I am neither the cook nor the baker in the family, they sent me to the grocery store with a list in hand. The list was written by Joe.

As I walked the aisles of the grocery store, I laughed to myself. How many women are sent to the store by their male counterparts to pick up things for the male counterparts to make? When I got home, I told Rob my funny thought and he replied, “You just wait. You’ll be calling us from the store soon, “What kind of flour am I supposed to get?”

It’s true … I could see that happen.

The list of items:

Did you notice ice cream on the list? A clear sign those are my boys.


Reading the directions.


Measuring and dumping.


The baker stays focused, while the kid in the mismatched PJs lurks.


The baker with his prized (and conjoined) goodies.

Got milk?


26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 56

    1. Thanks, K8. Are you not the shopper in the family? That’s awesome, if you ask me. Which you didnt’. I tend to not wait for folks to ask me questions. I have a habit of just blurting things out. Not like Oma’s blurt blog… I just blurt. I should probably put down the coffee, eh?

      1. Oh, I’m the shopper all right….I just run out of ideas. So many years of cooking and trying to figure out what everybody wants…I like people who blurt things out. It is refreshing. Usually. Have another cup.

        1. See!! I knew I would run out of ideas, so I decided early on that I would just not cook. If I actually make something new for the kids they are delighted. I love it. So easily impressed. Here’s to a nice Sunday morning with coffee and friends. I hope you are feeling better, K8.

          1. I am – we had our trip to the Armadillo races yesterday…unfortunately, some of my videos did not come turn out, but some pics are good. I am feeling better, thanks. My son and family are on their way here and I am so looking forward to their visit.

          2. Bless you for managing to make it to the Armadillo races, even when you weren’t 100%.
            I am glad you have family coming to visit. That can make for a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    1. They know they have to specify, Georgette. (smile) If I buy ice cream, I don’t share. (Mean, eh?) Joe and Charlie have to look out for each other, if they want to enjoy the frozen dairy delight. 🙂

  1. So cute. Coming from another non-baker, I am also thrilled my husband and kids love to bake and cook. But I also hate to grocery shop…. So basically if I could just sit on the couch and have them throw food at me all day, I’d be happy. (man, I am so lazy!)

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