Project 366: Day 46

I snapped this shot using my camera phone, so the photo today is not the sharpest or clearest. Because I am still a dumb phone owner (and proud), the quality of the photo is not ‘smart’.

Sometimes, on the way home from school, Joe asks if he can start his homework in the car. His teacher discourages doing homework in the car, because she wants to make sure the child is truly focused on the work at hand. Still, I have been known to say ‘yes’, when he asks to do his work in the car.

Monday afternoon, on the way home from school, Joe asked to do his homework. During the 30 minute drive home, Joe slowly lost focus…



26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 46

    1. I’m hanging on to the dumb phone for another reason… I’m afraid I’d find texting way too addictive, if it was easier for me. As it stands now, I don’t text. Life is easier with dumb phones. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Linda.

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