Project 366: Day 39

Last Friday, Joe had a play-date with a friend from school. The play-date was at the park, conveniently located next door to the school.

Joe, Charlie and I arrived at the park first. I noticed a girl from Joe’s class coming up the walkway. “Joe,” I said. “Here comes another friend of yours.” When he turned to see who else was coming, he screamed her name. She returned the scream, and the two ran to each other. (Apparently, having just parted ways 10 minutes prior was too long to be apart.) Then, Joe’s other friend arrived – the original person with whom the play-date was set.

For nearly two hours, the kids played on the playground, while the parents talked. What a wonderful day.

Here’s to your next play-date.



12 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 39

  1. Hahaha… reminds me of the birthday parties people used to have at our store.
    As each gust would arrive all the kids would get so happy they’d scream and jump up and down and start clapping! I sure wish I still got receptions like that!

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