A chain. Yes, a bloody chain.

UPDATE: I’ve tagged. I’ve tagged. I repeat – I have tagged. You’ve been warned.

When I was a kid, I played tag: plain tag, freeze tag and television tag. Nowadays, kids don’t play the game of tag from yesteryear. Now, kids play social media tag.

Faces are tagged in pictures posted on Facebook, hash-tags are used when tweeting and now – the blogosphere is taking part in the social media game of tag. Of course, here – within the blogosphere, tag is the nice way of saying ‘chain letter’.

Well, I was tagged; and because I really like my blogging buddy, I’m accepting her chain letter tag and playing the game.

Kim, the G is Silent, prepared a list of 11 questions, after she followed the rules and answered 11 questions given to her by Erica, at Yeah Write.

My job is to answer Kim’s 11 questions, come up with 11 new questions, and tag others to partake in the chain letter game. Though I thought about not playing, I remembered the image Kim included in her post; then, I stole it.

I have things to do and people to see. I’d rather not have death cause me to miss my plans. So, here goes…

1.  Have you ever played an instrument?  If you haven’t, what kind would you like to be able to play?

Have I ever played an instrument? Define played. I mean, I’ve strummed a guitar, tickled the ivories (and ebonies) on a piano, beat some drums, blown a trumpet, harmonic, flute and a recorder. Does that count? No, I know it doesn’t count. No, Kim – I have not played an instrument.  But, I would love to learn how to play the guitar and drums.

2.  What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleeping and why?

I don’t remember, but I am guessing it took place in college. I was queen of pulling all-nighters and cramming for tests. I also worked the security/sign-in desk in the dorm during the overnight hours. As I write, I remember attending a Halloween party in Lilburn one night, leaving the party around Midnight and heading back to Athens for a 3am – 7am shift. That is about an hour and a half drive. I got lost somewhere around Braselton (Kim Bassinger country), but I made it back to the dorm in time for my shift.

3.  If you could be a fly on anyone’s wall, whose would it be and what would you hope to learn?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Can I just be a fly for a day and travel around? (No swatting permitted.) I could give you many names, but I will stick with only one. I’d love to be the fly on the wall of the President of the United States, in hopes I would get a sense of how he thinks, what he wants, etc. And, I’d like to be the fly on the wall of any President of the United States – not just our current President.

* Based on my answer to question 9, I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall at John’s house, in hopes of finding out what he is really like offline.

4.  What are 5 items in your home you could not possibly live without?

Rob, Joe, Charlie, Wilbur and Cherokee. They aren’t items, but I do not want to think about living without them. Other than my family and pooches, I’d rather not do without my laptop, camera and internet access. (Currently, there is no Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in my freezer, otherwise that would be listed.)

5.  If someone popped by your house unannounced right now, what would you be most embarrassed about?

Hmm… I guess I would be concerned the toilet wasn’t flushed. The boys sometimes forget. (Even with the note above the toilet REMINDING them to flush AND wash hands.) Yeah, I guess the bathroom would be the greatest possible source of embarrassment. The dog hair, the miscellaneous papers, etc. wouldn’t bother me. Our house is lived in – period. (I did shower today, so if someone wants to come over unannounced, today would be a good day to do it.)

6.  Honestly now – Do you watch any of the Kardashian circus?

No. I could not even tell you the names of the family members. I have no idea which girl is whom.

7.  If you could be famous for anything, what would you want that to be?

A writer, I suppose. I’m not sure I want to be famous. Well, if it is a paid gig – then maybe for 15 minutes.

8.  Who is that one person from your past you would most like to connect with but you either don’t remember his/her last name, don’t know her married name or just can’t find on any searches?

Wow, this is a good question. Thanks to certain friends who shall remain nameless (coughyoucoughpassatgirlcough), I’ve honed my stalking skills, so I think I’ve found anyone/everyone I wanted to find. The question is – does s/he know I found her/him? Mwahahahahaha!

9.  Who is at the top of your “list?”  You know, the one you’re allowed to stray from the marriage for.

Edward Norton. *sigh*
John Cusack was number one for many years; but I follow him on Twitter, and he’s a bit too mean and too liberal for me. (I’d probably get over it in an instant, should he appear unannounced at my door right now. I showered today!!)

10.  What’s your preference:  Phone call, text or email?

Email, please. I do not text, and I do hate the phone. I know, ‘hate’ is a very strong word; that’s why I used it.

11.  Do you have a new/newer/newish laptop that you just have no need for and you want to send to a family who currently has only one working computer, and it’s a work computer and really isn’t supposed to be used for anything but work but is currently being used for this blog right this very second?

As a matter of fact … No, I don’t. However, if I hear of a computer that is not needed, I will write a post about it, in case there is someone currently using a work computer for personal matters who is looking for a non-work computer to use for personal matters.


I am no longer too tired to think of questions. And, tomorrow, I will make sure I eat before I have two cups of coffee. Good lord, I’m a manic madness this morning.

Below are 11 questions I would like the following people to answer: Oma (Blurt), Steve, Amy, Darla, Lisa, Nancy, and Byronic Man. Go ahead … I’m waiting.

  1. What is your favorite color, and what do you think it would taste like?
  2. Do you sleep on your left side, right side, back or stomach?
  3. Do you floss your teeth?
  4. Do you close the lid before flushing the toilet?
  5. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
  6. How many times have you brushed your hair today? If you are follicle-challenged, how many times have you rubbed your bald head?
  7. Do your feet smell? (Go ahead and check, we’ll wait.)
  8. Do you have any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in your freezer? May I have it?
  9. If you notice food stuck between someone’s teeth – do you make an effort to tell him/her? If not, why are you so cruel?
  10. What feature do you most like about me?
  11. Don’t you think I should be discovered, while I sit doing nothing, and become famous for my writing?

26 thoughts on “A chain. Yes, a bloody chain.

  1. Good answers! I love Ed Norton too — though not in your way. I think he’s a great actor. I think my list might include Laura Linney and Debra Messing. If I had a list, that is.

    1. Hahahahahaha! ” – though not in your way.” Love it. He is an excellent actor and an incredible humanitarian, too. Plus, he is wicked smart. The whole package.
      I heart Laura and Debra, too. (not in your way, though.) You do know – Laura and Ed were in a movie together, right? Primal Fear. Awesome movie. The book was awesome, too – but seeing Ed bring the character to the screen … amazing.

  2. Thanks for the warning, if I hear ‘babbling,’ I’ll lock the door. I haven’t showered yet, thank you. Glad you did. I have the same feelings about the phone after being tethered to a corded one (my job) for too many years.

    1. Exactly, Patti! I was tethered to the phone for so many years due to the job. I also don’t care for the lack of control – I never know when someone will call – wanting me to answer. Yet an email… meh, I’ll get to it on my time. (smile)
      I’ll be sure to stomp loudly, so you can hear me approach with questions, should I feel inspired.

  3. From the title, I thought this was going to be about some horrible bike accident.

    But it’s much much worse. (kidding! I swear!)

    I love Q/A stuff. I hate talking on the phone. When it rings I panic. I have a friend and a brother who will talk to me for hours and hours and I am slowly dying a slow death the entire time. I never answer it unless it’s my mom.

    Also, I have to let you in on a little known secret. Fellow blogger Angie Z? yeah, you may have seen her poking around GG’s caption contest from time to time. Well, she and John Cusack are together. They may or may not have even exchanged emails at one point, I’m not sure. But she does have a disturbing fixation on the man and you should go over to her blog Childhood Relived and find the post about him, it’s eye-opening stuff.

    1. If you thought I wouldn’t make a b-line to Angie’s blog, you are wrong. I went to GG’s site – caption contest – and CLICK – I was on Angie’s page, stalking until I found John. Again, my stalking skills are honed, Darla. (smile)

      Still, I wonder what he is like in real life. His tweets are grumpy and mean. I’m hoping it is just ‘for show’. Though honestly, why be grumbly? I told my boys that John’s sister is the voice on Peeps Big Wide World (or whatever), and I told my boys I had a crush on John. Their response, “Eww!” They don’t get it. They just don’t get.

      Oh, and I tweeted the above to John. He never replied. Perhaps he is flying down to Atl to respond in person. I better go get dressed and brush my hair.

      Wow. I sure can babble on about him, eh?

  4. John has a pinched-looking nose and talks line he snores. Total turn-off. And I am TOTALLY going to be looking out for any posts about spare computers for give (not sale – give). Thank you for falling prey to my tag. I promise to never ever do it again. Not even once. I won’t even give you an award if I’m given one (again).

    I should have been more specific about the five things not being PEOPLE. Of COURSE we couldn’t live without them (and dogs)!

    1. The chain was fun, Kim. Honest. I have some questions I’ve written – though I’m not sure I’ll send ’em out. Maybe I could have you review them to see if you find them good. I’ll let you be the judge.
      “He talks like he snores.” That is hilarious! Made me snort.

  5. Edward Norton – I approve. At the top of my list right now would be Norman “Darryl Dixon” Reedus. Mmmmm.

    I, also, have no clue about any of the Kardashians. I just don’t get the appeal of most reality television.

    Thanks for tagging me! Your questions are very hygiene related. That says a lot about you. What? I have no idea.

    1. I wrote a post about the fact that I do not like taking showers. I figured hygiene would make for a good topic and list of questions. I might learn how to be more hygienic or something. 🙂

      Norman?! Wow. I’ve only just finished season 1 – Netflix hasn’t added any additional episodes. He’s certainly a bad ass.

  6. I’m on an Owen Wison kick right now after seeing Wedding Crashers again for the 100th time. I’m sure he’s a train wreck in a real life, but damn…he can make me laugh!

    Off to think about my favorite color! 🙂

    1. I’ve yet to see Wedding Crashers, but I have heard so many funny things about it. I like Owen, but I tend to like his brother’s movies more. Very talented family. Can’t wait to read your answers, Nancy!

  7. Oh good…it’s another “Amy” – phew. I can continue to sit comfortably in my quiet corner! But it is fun getting to know our blogger buddies with “funny” questions.

  8. I keep forgetting to email you so here are MY answers:
    1.What is your favorite color, and what do you think it would taste like? Pink – bubble gum

    2.Do you sleep on your left side, right side, back or stomach? left/right/back

    3.Do you floss your teeth? Only at least 3 times a day.

    4.Do you close the lid before flushing the toilet? No, but I know I should. HOWEVER, we are ALL lid closers in this house.

    5.How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Only at least 3

    6.How many times have you brushed your hair today? If you are follicle-challenged, how many times have you rubbed your bald head? Curly-girls don’t brush their hair. Shower, gel, finger through, dry.

    7.Do your feet smell? (Go ahead and check, we’ll wait.) No, but my nose does.

    8.Do you have any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in your freezer? May I have it? No, and if I did I would CERTAINLY not share (stupid)

    9.If you notice food stuck between someone’s teeth – do you make an effort to tell him/her? If not, why are you so cruel? I do except once when a friend was telling us all about how she was a vegetarian and she had an entire broccoli spear between her teeth and nobody had the heart.

    10.What feature do you most like about me? Oh god where do I start? I think it’s your boobs.

    11.Don’t you think I should be discovered, while I sit doing nothing, and become famous for my writing? Duh

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