Holding the Power and Having No Kids


Because I have been remiss in writing, I feel I am a newbie once again. That said, pardon me while I get a little manic and scatter-brained.

Before I get to the meat of this post, I am showing a bit of my giddy school girl geekiness. Understand, my geekiness is for technology that has existed for years, but the technology is newly in my hands. Ack! I have the technology; I can make it better, stronger,… Wait. Wrong reference. Continue reading


Project 366: Day 39


Last Friday, Joe had a play-date with a friend from school. The play-date was at the park, conveniently located next door to the school.

Joe, Charlie and I arrived at the park first. I noticed a girl from Joe’s class coming up the walkway. “Joe,” I said. “Here comes another friend of yours.” When he turned to see who else was coming, he screamed her name. She returned the scream, and the two ran to each other. (Apparently, having just parted ways 10 minutes prior was too long to be apart.) Then, Joe’s other friend arrived – the original person with whom the play-date was set.

For nearly two hours, the kids played on the playground, while the parents talked. What a wonderful day.

Here’s to your next play-date. Continue reading

Dancing, Driving and the White-man’s Overbite


It started innocently. I just had a few errands to run before I took myself to a local coffee shop for some quiet blogging time. Maybe the crisp spring air and clear blue skies should have warned me of what was about to take place. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the fact that the kids were staying home with Daddy. Despite the signs, I was oblivious. I knew not what was going to happen.

I started my car, pulled out of the driveway and headed out of the subdivision. Without a second thought, I opened the sunroof and let the fresh spring air surround me in my car. Hindsight tells me the decision to open the sunroof was where the day took a turn. Continue reading

Letting go of Little Baby Girl


What began in September 2010 ended today – March 31, 2011. After giving my bosses my two week notice, I completed my last night on the job last night – er, this morning. Whatever.

My bosses, a Mom and Dad, hired me to watch their newborn two nights a week. The purpose was to help with the night-time feedings, as well as getting baby ready to face the day in the morning. The job also included household chores such as changing diaper pails, helping with laundry and feeding their cats. Continue reading

This Title Has Nothing to do with This Post but Joe does


As I look at you – yes, you – through the screen on your computer, I must tell you, “I have a headache.” There. I said it.

I want to write a post. I want to write an entertaining post. But my head pounds with pressure; it pounds with pressures of parenting, pressures of employment, pressures of finances, pressures of deadlines, pressures of health and pressures of obligations. Can you relate? Yes, I know you can. Continue reading