Project 366: Day 21

The weather forecast is calling for mild temperatures and a chance of showers. Rain or shine, our boys love spending Saturdays at the pond. Their gear lives on our front porch, ready to grab at a moment’s notice. I’m willing to bet, the gear will be grabbed today.

Whatever gear you grab today, I hope a wonderful adventure awaits you.



18 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 21

    1. The threat of thunder storms is keeping the boys away from the pond this morning; however, you’ll still find them outside wearing their boots. They’ll pick up the tackle box this afternoon, I suspect.

  1. Adventure at the pond. Wow. How I’d love that! And the colours and layout of things in this picture. So… home.

  2. Oh this is so five star, but my chubby fingers pressed the wrong star, sorry 😦 it is a great photo and I love the little stories you put next to each one! Your project 366 is really inspiring!

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