Andy the Armadillo: Still doing Texas

Last week, we left Andy to recover after what should have been an epic sugar hangover. This week, as promised, we get to hear about Andy’s visit to the country, and his encounter with a gator.

Please remember to check out the blog of the woman behind Andy’s Texas adventure, Georgette. She has countless tales to tell, even without an armadillo: Georgette Sullins’ Blog.


Driving out into the country, we played ‘I Spy’ looking for one of Andy’s cousins.

Driving out to the country in Rick’s truck, he let me drive shot gun, as they say in these parts.

We stopped to nestle among the bluebonnets.

Ahhhh…lovely bed. Can I take a nap now?

Mama LD gave permission for Andy to play in the mud. I knew he would be happy here while there’s plenty to drink right now.

Real Texas mud!

♫Home, home by the pond where the deer and the armadillos play♫
Don’t worry, we’re in a drought. It’s not deep.

Rick let me drive the Gator…

the John Deere Gator…wo-oop!

Rick hired me to patrol. Thanks to my paid gig, my passage to New Zealand is paid for.

I’m working my way to see you soon, Judith.

We sang “Deep in the Heart of Texas” with Ray Charles on the way home.  Do you have a favorite car song?


Thank you, Georgette. Based on the last phone call I had from Andy, he is having such a wonderful time. That Andy sure is a talker. I appreciate all the time and energy you and Rick put in to showing Andy an awesome adventure! Again, thank you!

Project 366: Day 21

The weather forecast is calling for mild temperatures and a chance of showers. Rain or shine, our boys love spending Saturdays at the pond. Their gear lives on our front porch, ready to grab at a moment’s notice. I’m willing to bet, the gear will be grabbed today.

Whatever gear you grab today, I hope a wonderful adventure awaits you. Read more

Adventure Girl Trail Tales: #18 (Fin)

As I mentioned last week, I started this journal on March 4th. That night, the family gathered at a local restaurant to celebrate Adventure Girl’s ‘take off’. After dinner, we surprised Adventure Girl by moving the party to my brother’s house (Adventure Girl’s house).

Sure, Adventure Girl needed sleep, because she was beginning her 2,100 mile hike in the morning. Still, we wanted to celebrate. We wanted her to know we were behind her 100% (from the comfort of our couch).

My family consists of a crazy bunch of kids adults. We spare no expense when it comes to showing our support for one another. Case in point, when three of my sisters arrived at my brother’s house, they came with hiking gear. My sisters were all packed and ready to join Adventure Girl on her journey. They were going to walk with her – side by side. Well, at least as far as the car. Read more

Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #17

Out of the thousands of hikers that attempt to thru-hike the Appalachian trail, only one out of four make the hike to the end. Well my friends, come Thursday morning, July 28th, my niece – Adventure Girl – will be one of the four.

On March 4th, I wrote my first post about Adventure Girl’s journey. I was writing a letter to and for Adventure Girl, wishing her luck as she began her journey. I had no intention of writing about her journey on a weekly basis. However, my readers – you guys – requested updates. You guys connected with Adventure Girl, and you wanted to live vicariously through her journey (from the comfort of your couch).

On April 2nd, I wrote my first official Trail Tale. 16 posts and 4 month later, I am sad to see this journey end. I’ve had such fun experiencing the trail through Adventure Girl’s eyes, without the blisters, aches and pains. Still, every journey comes to an end, and Adventure Girl is nearing the end of her own journey. Please enjoy an update she posted July 19th: Read more

Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #16

When we last left Adventure Girl, she was so close to Maine. So very close. And now? Adventure Girl has entered the great State of Maine!

The countdown clock was started and continues to tick with a seemingly increasing speed. With just over 10 days remaining on her journey, Adventure Girl has the end of the tunnel in her sight. With mixed emotions, she continues her journey step by step.

I’m not sure what I’ll do, once Adventure Girl reaches the finish line. Perhaps I’ll stalk her adventure as a freshman in college. Nah, some things are best left private.

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