Project 366: Day 8

2012: A Photo A Day

I am a religious person. Those that follow this blog religiously, know I am a person of faith. (Religiously, get it? Oh goodness, I crack my religious-self up.)

A sabbath day is common in many faiths. I try to observe a day of sabbath once a week. As is typically the case for Christians, I observe the sabbath on Sundays.

I make a point to do nothing with regards to housework, eating out, or shopping. I focus on hanging out with my family, having personal quiet time, and/or going to church/bible study. My main goal on Sundays is to ‘be still’ and thank God. However you spend your Sunday, I hope you make time to ‘be still’.



22 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 8

    1. That was a delightful cup of coffee, too, K8. I hope you were able to find some stillness in your day, as well as enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Thank you for visiting and sharing a cup with me.

  1. Both the boys have (shockingly) slept in past Li’l D’s usual 6 a.m. waking time, so I’ve savored some quiet myself this morning. I’m trying to get into observing shabbat again myself; I didn’t do so well this week, but there’s always next week (one hopes!) to do better.

    1. Oooooh – sleeping past 6’am. Nice! I hope you allow yourself shabbat time, Deb. I really believe quiet time does a body (and mind) good. Every day is a new opportunity to try again. Here’s to finding stillness!

  2. Hi,
    I think everyone should have a time out day, it can certainly be a “real pick me up” I feel, and if possible a bit of time just for yourself.

    1. Hello Mags – Time outs are a wonderful treat, I think. I have really enjoyed deliberately taking time off on Sundays. I find I look forward to Sundays more, and I am better prepared for the week ahead. Cheers!

    1. I love my Sundays, Susan. I really, really do. And I truly believe the focus and stillness makes the week ahead a better week. I am grateful for having God in my life. I have a greater appreciation for all that is around me, I think. Thank you for visiting. I am glad you are enjoying my photos.

    1. Had I been able to include the whole line, I would have done it, Mel. You certainly got the phrase right! I was certain the ‘still’ would speak for itself. Thank you for visiting!

    1. My oldest and I are finishing up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then I hope we will start The Phantom Tollbooth. I am super excited about it. He may want to read Charlie and the Glass Elevator next – but I’m pushing for Phantom!!

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