Project 366: Day 7

2012: A Photo A Day

Cherokee was not please about Wilbur’s (her brother), new found fame. Even though I had different plans for my Saturday photo, Cherokee insisted her face time was long overdue. (After only 6 days, Cherokee? Really?) You have to admit, though – she’s got a face for photos.



26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 7

  1. Oh, Cherokee is quite a looker. I bet she has Wilbur wrapped around her little paw. I love how MJ described her peanut butter eyes.
    Mmm…peanut butter.

    1. Know what, Steve? I think Cherokee is slightly cross-eyed. Then again, maybe she is a little perturbed – she prefers pets and pats to cameras and flashes. (She is gorgeous. I agree!)

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