Plain Jane Gets the Stud

“Do you remember, when we met? That’s the day, I knew you were my pet. I wanna tell you how much I love you.” So begins the song Sea of Love, written by Phil Phillips.

The song is on my mind for two reasons. First, Val Erde created a beautiful graphic painting titled, “Sea Love“, and she is sharing it with her readers. Second, today my husband and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. Between the Sea Love painting and the Sea of Love song, I am in a wonderful place.

This time last year, I told the story of how Rob and I met. The Long Awaited Approach is one of my highest rated posts, though the number of readers I had a year ago was significantly less than the number of readers I have today. I hope you will take a minute (or two) to read that post. As much as Rob has put up with me over the years, I want the world to know I am grateful for him.

Rob and I are different in many ways. For instance, he is very attractive and tall (he is 6’7″). When he walks into the room, you either notice him because of his looks or because of his height. Me? Well, I’m 5’9″, but I have a very forgettable face. (At least, you hope you forget it.) I’m kidding. I don’t think that low of myself. Still, I am a plain Jane, and Rob is a stud.

Recently, I was talking with two girl friends, and I said, “Rob is hot. That is a fact. And, I see women look at him and look at me, and I know they are thinking, ‘She’s ugly. How did she get him?’” One of my girl friends snorted in response to what I said. I laughed and said, “It’s true!” She didn’t say anything, but I knew she agreed with me. Well, I knew she agreed with the fact that I am definitely rated lower on the ‘Good Looks’ scale when compared to Rob. Rest assured, I have no intentions of trying to be anything more than a plain Jane. Long live plainness!

On Sundays, when I actually attend church, I’m always entertained at the number of women who will say, “Good morning, Rob.” Meanwhile, as I walk beside him, I simply get a smile. I suppose I should be thankful for the smile, eh? Before you take what I said to mean the women are after Rob, let me add that the guys do the exact same thing.

Rob is very approachable and friendly. And me? Yes, well, I am about as approachable as a rabid dog (minus the foaming of the mouth, of course).

During Sunday School (for adults), I mentioned how Rob was the social one in the family. One of our friends in the class smiled and said, “You’re kidding, right?” Rob even laughed and said, “Yeah. I’m real social.”

That’s the thing – as I said earlier, Rob is approachable and friendly; however, after the salutations, Rob steps back and becomes quiet. Generally speaking, Rob is not much of a talker. On the contrary, though I am shy and give a cold first impression, I am social, friendly, and a talker … and a talker … and a talker …

As I wrote in The Long Awaited Approach, I waited a very long time for Rob to approach me. When he did approach me, I was thrilled. Apparently, he thought I was all that and a bag of chips, so he asked me to marry him.

The stud fell in love with plain Jane. Score for the plain girl! I won a hot husband, and I gave birth to good looking boys! Woo hoo! What’s that overused Charlie Sheen saying?! Oh right …. “WINNING!”

Today I dedicate Val’s ‘Sea Love’ and the song ‘Sea of Love’ to my better half, Rob. I like Robert Plant’s version of the song, though the man in the bikini is a bit distracting – and not necessarily in a good way.

Happy anniversary, Rob. I know you won’t read this, and I know you prefer I not write about you. But honestly, Dear, I want the world to know how much I love you. You put up with so much … like a wife writing about you, even though you prefer she didn’t.

26 thoughts on “Plain Jane Gets the Stud

  1. Hot Joe is WAY hotter than me (in my opinion) and just as social – maybe even more (oh the horror, right?). I often look at him and smell him (sooooooo yummy) and think to myself, “Any minute now he’s going to figure out his hotness and high-tail it outta here.” So far so good.


    1. Don’t you love it when the plain girl gets the stud?! I know I’ve looked at plain girls and though – how did they do that?! Then I look in the mirror and I’m reminded … Hey! I did that, too!
      Here’s to our hot husbands, Kim. No beer goggles needed for us!! (hahahahaha!)
      Thank you for your happy anniversary wishes.

    1. Hopefully, I am foaming less as I get older. Perhaps a reduction in ‘fuming’ is around the corner.
      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been told I look like Jane Curtain. One doesn’t get much plainer than Mrs. Curtain – even an ignorant slut. (HA!)
      Thanks again, Nancy!

  2. Well you don’t look plain to me… and I’d think that people gravitate to him because he’s so tall he stands out! Congratulations on your anniversary and I’m glad my painting helped the post come along. 🙂

    Mine also doesn’t like being written about. I think he’s still not spotted that I wrote his name between two hearts on my ‘things I love’ page!! *grins*

    1. He does stand out – that is for certain. And again, thank you for your well wishes. Your painting came along at the perfect time. I had hoped to write today, but I needed a source of greater inspiration. Your picture did the trick! I am grateful you shared it with everyone.

    1. Thank you, Judith. Well, I’m certain Rob considers me a plain Jane in looks. Though I make up for the plainness with my emotional and mental craziness. 🙂 Come to think of it, he may prefer I look crazy ….

  3. Happy anniversary- I can’t believe you have an even taller husband than mine! Mine is six five so it is rare to see (or hear of) someone taller. I have to say, I clicked through and read your love story, and I disagree entirely with your self assessment. You two are a very good looking couple. Congratulations again. -kate

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Kate. Thank you for visiting and leaving a note. I appreciate it.
      Your kind words are appreciated, too. Rob doesn’t meet too many guys with whom he can see eye to eye. (smile) Sounds like your husband would be one of the few.
      Thanks for taking the extra effort and reading The Long Awaited Approach. I wore makeup and did my hear for my wedding. (I know, crazy, eh?) Normally – there is no makeup and the hair is however the hair wants. (smile) I suppose I can dress up well – though I prefer schlepping.

  4. Happy anniversary, Lenore! You are beautiful! plain Jane? pbbbst! Whatever.

    Jim is waaaaay better looking than me. When we go out, he gets all the “hellos” and stares. He’s tall too (though not as tall as your man) Plus he’s got the charm and the winning smile. I’m pretty gruff and grumpy on a good day. 😉

    I certainly hope Rob reads this and even if he doesn’t, I’m sure he knows already how much you love him.

    1. Oh Darla … I’m plain, and I am 100% cool with it. The funny part is when I dress up. I’m still basically plain, but folks do seem surprised to see I clean up pretty good. (smile)
      Congrats to you for marrying up the good looks scale, too! (Though that does not mean I think you are plain …) You made me laugh with the ‘pretty gruff and grumpy on a good day’. I find that hard to believe, though I assure you it is the case for me. Rob would concur quickly, too.

      P.S. Rob did read the post. Apparently, as long as I talk about how good looking he is – he has no problem with me writing about him. Go figure.

  5. Happy Anniversary! My husband always says that he “married up” but women flirt with him all the time. I’m the same as you though – people tend to think that I am unapproachable or even kind of mean before they meet me. I think that’s hilarious because I am the most harmless person and all I want to do is talk your ear off and make you laugh.

    1. Thank you, Amy!
      I love making people laugh, and I love laughing. I try to be nice. I do. Although, I can’t say I’m harmless … I mean, I can get pretty mad. But mostly I’m fun! Okay, when I am in a good mood.

  6. Your boys are beautiful…can boys be beautiful?…yes they can be. Congratulations on nine years and two beautifully handsome, darling, adorable boys! What a blessing! I wish you all a lifetime of happiness.
    I see in you a very nice woman of substance, caring and thoughtful, with always the perfect words. I do like that about you…when LD writes, I read. When LD speaks, I do listen.

  7. Well I read that first post and it was lovely. Happy 9th anniversary. To my mind you look a very attractive couple which paces you firmly outside the “plain jane” catagory

  8. Sorry to be saying so belatedly, but–happy anniversary! And how the heck did my email subscription to your blog get set to weekly instead of daily? *shakes fist at WordPress*

    1. Too funny. Well wishes are never too late, so I thank you for the well wishes you are sending.
      My subscriptions got a little wee-honky recently. Seems one or two I followed suddenly turned to ‘unfollowed’. Odd.

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