Raising Kids – That’s the Easy Part

Today I shared the following thought on Facebook: “Raising kids is easier than being (and staying) married.”

I had the above “ah-ha” moment after a long conversation with my husband. The conversation was emotional though not angry, and like many of our conversations – there was no real closure, just a rehash of our struggles. While walking out of the room, once the conversation ended, I realized that while raising our boys has not been easy, keeping our marriage on the books has proven to be the biggest challenge. Hence, I say again, raising kids is easier than being – and staying – married. Continue reading “Raising Kids – That’s the Easy Part”

Project 366: Day 286 “Ten Years, Man! Ten ye- Ten years! Ten years! ….”

Grosse Pointe Blank is one of my all time favorite movies. There is a scene with Jeremy Piven and John Cusack that I refer to whenever someone refers to “10 years” in any way, shape, or form.

Today I am referring to “10 years” because 10 years ago Rob and I were married. “Ten years, Man! Ten ye – Ten years! Ten years! Ten! Ten years! Ten years.” In other news, 10yrs ago I still had blonde hair. Alas, I lost the blonde after giving birth, but I didn’t lose Rob. I’ll put that down as a win.

Continue reading “Project 366: Day 286 “Ten Years, Man! Ten ye- Ten years! Ten years! ….””