The Hair Meets the End of the Line


This post is dedicated to and inspired by Hippie Cahier who wrote, “What’s Next?”.

~ . . ~

If I am in a public place, I will find a spot where I can be discrete. Then, I will do whatever it takes to locate the hair that is brushing against my arm, tickling my stomach, or moving up and down with every blink of my eye.

Strands of my hair seem to fall out on a regular basis. When the strands get caught in my shirts, skirts, bras, eye lashes, etc., I will not rest until I can locate the irritant and remove it. If it means I have to pull off my shirt to locate the sucker, I will.

After reading Hippieā€™s most recent post, I came to a realization. Actually, I had the realization months ago, but her post (and the hair caught in my shirt) created the perfect metaphor for me. Continue reading


Project 366: Day 220


She does exist. The Linguist exists.

Yesterday, we stopped at a NY diner off I-84, and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with a fellow blogger, Leonore from As a Linguist. Wanting to document the meeting, I came prepared with my camera. And once again, I am startled by how blah I look without makeup. You’d think I’d learn and make more of an effort.

No worries. Leonore didn’t care. She greeted me with a smile and a hug. Thanks for meeting us, Leonore! I’ll wear make-up next time. (Ha. Who am I kidding?)

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I hope the toilet seat wasn’t left in the ‘up’ position.


One thing I’m learning is the fact that you have to stay on your toes within the blogging community. I mean, you never know when someone might stop by for a visit; you know, unexpectedly.

Say for instance, someone extends a thanks to you in their blog, thereby releasing curious cats, who click over to find out about the person mentioned in the post.

I know what you’re thinking, “Lenore Diane, The Good Greatsby does not have a crush on you, regardless of how many times you provide a link to his blog.” Okay, maybe that was just Kim, the G is Silent. Whatever. Continue reading

Liebster not Lobster


I do not have a large vocabulary. As I read more and more blogs, I find myself accessing Merriam-Webster more frequently. The fact that I look-up words other bloggers use humors me, because I typically don’t look-up words when I am reading books.

More often than not, I can figure out the general meaning of the word in a book, based on the author’s use of the word and the storyline. Understanding the words used by bloggers takes greater effort because fewer words are used; plus, I need to have a clear understanding of the post, if I want to leave a comment. Continue reading