Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #15

Last Saturday had me frazzled. Several days had passed without a word from Adventure Girl. We were worried. By we, I mean AG’s parents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. However, if you read the post last week, you know we finally received a SPOT update and AG was fine.

For the record, Adventure Girl was actively posting to SPOT. However, if the batteries are not working, the updates will not go through. Remember that fact, future hikers.

On July 3rd, Adventure Girl was located off I-93 near Highway 112 in New Hampshire. She was officially in the thick of the White Mountain National Forest. Pushing herself hard all week, Adventure Girl will enter the great State of Maine today.

Still within the White Mountain National Forest, Adventure Girl updates her journal somewhere near the Reflection Pond along Route 2:

“Wicked sorry for the lack of entries I haven’t had computer access…

I am in Gorham and I hope to be in Maine in the very near future. The Whites have been beautiful! They are challenging, but so worth all the effort they demand. I actually did a 21 mile day today, so don’t believe anything anyone tells you about it not being possible. That being said I am wicked tired… so I don’t think I’ll be keeping that pace up. There is a big crowd at the Hostel tonight. Its a great vibe. I have been meeting more and more SOBO’s [South Bounders] its really cool talking to them and hearing what they think about the trail that they have been through. I just have time for a short entry to let you know I’m still going strong and having a blast. I am going to go socialize now.

Based on the Appalachian Trail Distance Calculator, Adventure Girl has traveled 47 miles since Monday July 5th. Apparently, close to half the mileage was covered in a day with her 21-mile hike.

Adventure Girl plans on returning to Georgia on August 6th. She’s not sure when she’ll finish her hike, though she is aiming to finish before July 29th. Today is July 9th. Adventure Girl has a mere 20 days left. 20 days. Can you believe her journey is nearly complete? Seems like yesterday I started Adventure Girl Trail Tales … though I am guessing the time has passed more slowly for Adventure Girl.

Where Adventure Girl's Trail Tale will take her today.

16 thoughts on “Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #15

  1. Amazing Girl your AG! My daughter, her husband and in-laws motor biked from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite over the past few days. I’m keeping all those adventureres in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. She is amazing, Georgette. Truly.
      The adventure your ‘kin’ is having sounds exciting. I can only imagine the picturesque views they are seeing.
      Thank you for keeping AG in your thoughts and prayers, Georgette.

  2. Wow! Can’t believe she’s almost finished. Glad to hear she’s doing well and her spirits have picked up. I hope she enjoys the rest of the trail to the end.

    1. I cannot believe she is almost done, either. It’s been a whirlwind. And, I was happy to see her spirits picked up, too, Jacqueline. That will help carry her the rest of the way, I think.

  3. Adventure Girl sounds like an extraordinary young woman – this is a serious quest she’s taken on, and while I’m sure she’s been enjoying it (after all, someone who doesn’t like hiking wouldn’t begin such a journey) I’m sure it’s also been incredibly difficult. I’m sure she’ll feel immensely accomplished by the time she gets home!

    1. Emily, thanks for stopping by and reading about Adventure Girl’s journey. I think you are correct, she will feel immensely accomplished by the time she gets home – truth be told, she probably already feels some sense of accomplishment. She had a tough time in New York and wondered if she could continue. She did though – and she has …

      I hope you’ll come back on Saturday, when I post the next update. It will more than likely be the last update until she crosses the ‘finish’ line around July 27th.

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