Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #14

This update will be short. When I started writing the update, we had not heard from Adventure Girl since Wednesday June 29th. Worry had settled in … Thankfully, I just received a message from Adventure Girl’s Mom. The SPOT updates are not going through, but Adventure Girl is fine.

Though reception deep within the AT is sporadic at best, Adventure Girl has done a great job of checking in with her family throughout her journey. I suppose, as she nears the final thick of things, we’ll have to accept the fact that updates will be days apart.

Her last SPOT update had her straddling the New Hampshire/Vermont border somewhere along Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. On Monday June 27th, she accessed her Facebook account from the hostel where she stayed for the night. She wrote on Facebook, “Less than 450 miles left! Whooo!  The mental preparation for The Whites begins!

On June 28th, my cousin – another Northbounder who finished the AT nearly 9 years ago, wrote to Adventure Girl, “We will be starting at Jo Mary Rd in the 100 mile wilderness heading for Katahdin on July 31…something tells me we will be following your dust! Enjoy the Whites!!” The next day, on the 29th of June, Adventure Girl responded to my cousin, “I hope to be! I want to finish before the 29th! Gonna need to hike like I mean business! haha”

The final 450 miles may prove challenging for all of us in the peanut gallery, since contact with Adventure Girl will more than likely be limited. As her Mom said, “It may be a long last couple hundred miles of worry for us!”

Adventure Girl has made it this far – clearly, she knows how to take care of herself. With her eyes are on the prize, completing the trail by July 29th, we’ll have to accept the fact that the updates will be sporadic. Please keep Adventure Girl in your thoughts; I’m guessing these last hundred miles are going to be some of the toughest for her.

Adventure Girl enters Vermont

For information on The Whites, you may be interested in clicking on the following links:
Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the Whites Mountains
Guidelines for Thru-Hikers (PDF)

8 thoughts on “Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #14

  1. I can sense your worry as you write you hadn’t heard from her since “July 29”. And, since her finish date is “July 29” that is clearly on your mind.
    At the lake and connected! Yay! Will certainly keep AG in my thoughts throughout July.

    1. Thanks for catching that and sharing it with me, Georgette. I fixed it. You are correct, I was worried. I started the post prior to hearing she texted her parents. Initially, the post was more about her concerned Aunt and parents. Thankfully, my sister-in-law contacted me to say they did receive a text from her. I tried to go back and update the post with a different tone – but the concern had already settled in. Plus – her last contact being June 29th – and her target finish date of July 29th – well, it makes a frazzled mind easier to frazzle.

      Glad you have safely reached your destination. May you enjoy your lake surroundings – with cool temps, clear skies and nice breezes. Thank you for keeping AG in your thoughts. We ALL appreciate it. ~ Lenore

  2. That is not the face of a girl who’s going to let anything stop her. This will change the rest of her life. Looking forward to more updates, sporadic or not.

    1. Charles, I received an excellent picture of her this week, which I will share later. The maturity in her expression is clear – she has changed. She has grown. It’s amazing to see.

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