Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #6

When we last left Adventure Girl, she was somewhere around Daleville, VA. Following her this week has been harder, due to spotty coverage with her SPOT Satellite Messenger. Imagine – the Appalachian Trail winds through areas with less than desirable cell coverage. Who would have thought such a thing?

No worries, Readers. Adventure Girl continues along her way at a pretty good clip. According to her Mom, her right shin is giving her trouble every now and then, but her left shin is feeling fine.

Before I continue with the tales of Adventure Girl, I have a confession. Always donning my Editor’s hat, I have a tendency to edit Adventure Girl’s trail journal prior to sharing it with you. Having said that, I made an assumptive error in my last post. Adventure Girl mentioned she had a ‘nero’ day. Unfamiliar to many hiking terms, I didn’t realize ‘nero’ meant nearly zero. Instead, I was certain she made a typo, and I changed her ‘nero’ to ‘zero’.

And yes, I did mention an Editor’s hat. However, just as the cobbler’s children have no shoes, my posts are edited poorly. Now, let’s get on with Adventure Girl’s update!

“The shins have felt much better since my zero and nero in Buena Vista. While in Buena Vista, (well actually we stayed in Lexington) we went to a drive-in theater. It was so awesome! I wish we had a drive-in closer to my house; I would go all the time! We saw Battle: Los Angeles and The Lincoln Lawyer. The second one was much better, I would have been Ok with just seeing that one. It was a really relaxing time. The hotel had a hot tub; yeah, I was pretty much in heaven.

Adventure Girl enjoying a burger and fries. (Photo taken in April.)

Upon getting back on the trail we had a 20 mile day planned and I was a bit nervous that my shins wouldn’t be up to the challenge, but thankfully they held up. The three easy days I had really helped. While they still don’t feel 100% the pain has diminished to a dull ache. The day was drizzly, but it was nice hiking. We passed a swing and took turns swinging on it. That was cool. It had been so long since I had been on a swing, and it was like a big kid swing. It was high enough off the ground that my feet barely reached the ground. I’m fairly tall, so this was a big deal to me. We got to the shelter early and I enjoyed reading my book. Getting a book was such a good decision, I can’t believe I had walked so far without one. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Ha ha Anyways a while later Butter showed up with a soda, apple and gum from Bubble Gum. That was pretty exciting. I definitely enjoyed it.

The next day we took it pretty easy, we only did 13 miles. It was so nice to be able to amble through the woods and take long breaks and just enjoy the day. I still got into the shelter early and that was nice. We again decided to night hike, so that we could hike the 20 miles into Waynesboro and still get into town early.

The 3 am wake up call came early and I wasn’t exactly ready to get up yet, but I did. Night hiking always seems like a great idea until it’s time to wake up, then it just seems absurd. I hadn’t been hiking long when I hear Butter, who had left just as I was waking up, yell “Adventure Girl? Is that you?” She sounded distressed and it made me concerned. She explained to me that just a few feet from where we were she had seen two bear cubs up in a tree, but no mama bear. We decided it was best to move on to avoid any further night bear encounters. I was kinda bummed I didn’t see the bears, but I still have a lot of trail left. My turn will come I’m sure. I reached the shelter 15 miles from the one we stayed at and 5 miles from Waynesboro by 9:20. It was so great! I love having so much accomplished so early in the day! Whoo! I waited at the shelter for Butter and Buddha to show up, so that we could hike the last bit to town together and share a ride. We left the shelter a little after 10 and had completed the 5 miles before 12. 21 by 12? I can dig it. The shins felt a little strained today. Mostly the right one, the left one seems to have made a full recovery! I have spent the rest of today doing as little as possible. It’s been great! I even resupplied at CVS to avoid walking to all the way to Kroger. It’s amazing how lazy I get in towns. Ha ha Meeting back up with The Diva tomorrow! Can’t wait! We hope he has indeed made a full recovery, and he will be here to stay. Well I have some relaxing to do!”

After leaving Waynesboro, VA on Tuesday May 3rd, Adventure Girl sent out a SPOT message on the 4th and 5th of May. Based on SPOT, Adventure Girl spent Cinco de Mayo within Shenandoah National Park, near Flattop Mountain. Flattop Mountain is east of Harrisonburg, VA and south of Front Royal, VA. Adventure Girl hopes to make Front Royal by Monday. My money is on Adventure Girl, so I look forward to her next update (on Monday) from Front Royal. Until next week, Readers – enjoy your own adventure!

In case you didn’t know and/or realize, if one was to drive from Springer Mountain, GA to Flattop Mountain, VA, one would cover just under 300; however, those hiking along the Appalachian Trail cover over 800.

6 thoughts on “Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #6

  1. Bears are nothing to mess with…glad AG didn’t see them!

    I’m always wearing my “editor hat” too, Lenore…it’s a curse (but somebody’s gotta do it!).


    1. You’ll need to use your red pen when reading my posts, Wendy. I need an editor! šŸ™‚
      Here’s hoping AG remains a safe distance from the bears.

      ~ Lenore

  2. I know how great a real bed feels after just a few days of camping in a tent. I’m trying to imagine what that hot tub must have been like for Adventure Girl. Indescribable.

    Thanks for the update Lenore.

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