Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #6

When we last left Adventure Girl, she was somewhere around Daleville, VA. Following her this week has been harder, due to spotty coverage with her SPOT Satellite Messenger. Imagine – the Appalachian Trail winds through areas with less than desirable cell coverage. Who would have thought such a thing?

No worries, Readers. Adventure Girl continues along her way at a pretty good clip. According to her Mom, her right shin is giving her trouble every now and then, but her left shin is feeling fine.

Before I continue with the tales of Adventure Girl, I have a confession. Always donning my Editor’s hat, I have a tendency to edit Adventure Girl’s trail journal prior to sharing it with you. Having said that, I made an assumptive error in my last post. Adventure Girl mentioned she had a ‘nero’ day. Unfamiliar to many hiking terms, I didn’t realize ‘nero’ meant nearly zero. Instead, I was certain she made a typo, and I changed her ‘nero’ to ‘zero’.

And yes, I did mention an Editor’s hat. However, just as the cobbler’s children have no shoes, my posts are edited poorly. Now, let’s get on with Adventure Girl’s update! Continue reading “Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #6”

Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #5

When we last left Adventure Girl, her backpack was hanging somewhere near Carvins Code Reservoir, VA. Since that time, Adventure Girl has surpassed the 700 mile mark. Adventure girl is a third of the way to her destination. I am pausing here for the applause Adventure Girl deserves.

As I type this, I am recovering from mowing the lawn. Two hours of mowing our hilly lawn full of bumps from moles and chipmunks is enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day. I cannot help but laugh, when I think how I would perform on the trail with Adventure Girl. “What do you mean we’ve only gone 1 mile? I think your pedometer is broken.” Yeah, I’ll stick to mowing lawns and leave the hiking to Adventure Girl. She’s had quite a journey this past week. Continue reading “Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #5”