Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #3

Today is the third Saturday in April. Back on the first Saturday in March, my niece hit the Appalachian Trail (AT) at the southern starting point, Springer Mountain. She is heading north on the AT, and Mount Katahdin, ME is her destination. My niece is a Northbounder, and this is an update on her journey.

When we last heard from Adventure Girl, she was located in Damascus, VA. Her Dad and Mom were spending a night with her, while she was still a day’s drive within reach. Since leaving Damascus, VA, Adventure Girl has hiked approximately 83 miles.

I want to point out, I estimated her mileage using a road map, not a hiker’s map. If you travel from Damascus, VA to just outside Bland, VA, by car, you will travel 82.7 miles. By foot, I assume the mileage between point A and point B is greater. Plus, compared to the terrain of the AT hiking trails, a paved road is the easier path.

Adventure Girl has not updated her hiking trail journal since her stay in Damascus, so the adventures she has experienced over the past week remain a mystery. Based on her SPOT Satellite Messenger, she spent Sunday night near Grayson Highlands State Park. Based on road maps, she covered around 30 miles.

On Monday, Adventure Girl traveled to Sugar Grove, VA. I do not have a SPOT update for Tuesday. However, according to SPOT, Adventure Girl spent Wednesday night just south of Ceres, VA. The mileage (according to a road map) between Sugar Grove and Ceres is approximately 30 miles.

Thursday night, Adventure Girl hung up her backpack for the night somewhere south of Bastian, VA, along the Blue Grass Trail. As Adventure Girl journeys further in and along the AT, her locations become more remote. After another 30 mile hike, she spent Friday still on the Blue Grass Trail somewhere between Bastian and Bland. Finally, after a full week of traveling, Adventure Girl settles in for the night around Bland, VA. Sleep well, Adventure Girl.

The terrain is changing, as Adventure Girls continues along the AT.

6 thoughts on “Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #3

  1. This is so cool. Does anyone have any direct communication with her?
    It would be interesting to hear some detail of the journey. I like these posts!

    1. Thank you, gmomj. Adventure Girl has a cell phone with her, but a signal isn’t always available on the trail. She does text her parents fairly regularly, I think. She also keeps a journal online. This third update was short, because she has not updated the journal for the week, yet. Due to the rain and storms in her area, I’m guessing she’s had a tough week. I’ll include more details of the journey next Saturday, provided she updates her journal. Stay tuned!

    1. She has a tent, I believe. But the weight of tents is excessive when hiking such long distances. For the most part, she is staying in shelters along the trail. She is also staying in hostels, when available.

      I looked at the weather in her area … they have received a great deal of rain. Adventure Girl has not had an easy time with the weather. She is truly a trooper!

  2. Wow! Adventure Girl is Brave Girl, too. I could never attempt something like this. Thanks for keeping us posted. I wish her safe travels. It’s so cool how you can track her progress.

    1. AA, Adventure Girl is a brave girl. I agree with you. I hope I have her own words to share next Saturday, provided she updates her journal. We are thankful SPOT exists, so we can keep tabs on her. Her parents aren’t the only ones nervously letting her explore. šŸ™‚

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