I admit I’m a fan; please don’t hold it against me.

I am going to rant. If you do not watch or own a television, your time would be better spent reading another post. (Please return tomorrow, though. Tomorrow, my topic will not involve television.)

Before I begin my rant, I need to apologize. The world is turning, and there are several things taking place in the world deserving more attention than the topic of my rant. For instance, the U.S. Government is in the process of passing a new budget plan. While I have strong opinions about the need for government and budget reform, this is not a political rant. (Mr. E. Dempsey … the shutdown was averted.) Because I am taking time and energy to focus on something trivial, I apologize.

My friends, today I come to you to rant about Dancing with the Stars.

And with that announcement, I just lost a slew of readers.

Photo courtesy of abc.go.com.

Still with me? Then I’ll begin.

I watch and I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). I think I am in the age bracket of DWTS’ preferred demographic, though I do not know for certain. I question myself, when certain stars are voted off while other stars, with less talent, remain.

What I do know is the fact that two of my four sisters and I have been following DWTS for the past 11 seasons, and we are actively following this 12th season of DWTS. My sisters and I discuss the performance of the stars the following morning via email. The three of us don’t always watch the results show, because the drama leading to the person getting cut is too – well – dramatic for us. Rest assured, the morning after the results show, my sisters and I discuss the results episode and whether or not we agree with the elimination.

When I read the news this morning, I emailed my sisters with this simple note: “I have no words. Though I did not watch the results show, I just checked the news. I believe you both know how I feel about this. I’ll need several days to get over it.”

Sugar Ray was eliminated. I adore Sugar Ray Leonard. I have had a crush on Sugar Ray ever since my age hit double digits. Sugar Ray embodies sportsmanship. As I get older and crankier, sportsmanship seems to be dying.

(Thankfully, though Sugar Ray made his exit, Hines Ward remains. Hines is another good role model with sportsmanship. Hines also played football for my Alma mater, though I am not a huge football fan. Goooo Dawgs! Sic ’em! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

And with that – I just lost another slew of readers.

Photo courtesy of abc.go.com

Sugar Ray Leonard did not deserve to be eliminated. Instead of returning to his home life, he should be practicing for next week’s dance with his DWTS professional dancer/partner. I have no intention of belittling or badmouthing the star with the lowest score. Just like this rant, belittling anyone is a waste of time. Plus, I’m well aware of the fact that Sugar Ray was not the best dancer. Still, he was robbed. He did not deserve the – wait for it – knock out.

Yes, I will tune in next week to see my favorites (minus one) return to the dance floor. I look forward to seeing Daniel’son channeling his wise teacher, Mr. Miyagi, as ‘he waxes on and waxes off’ the dance floor. Also, I will watch (and enjoy) Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. As Kirstie said to Maksim during a practice, “You’re handsome; you’re a good dancer; you’re every girl’s dream. Let’s do it again.” Maksim may not need the ego boost, but Kirstie was speaking the truth.

Sugar Ray will always be a champ in my heart. His weekly presence on television will be missed, as will his positive influence on the kids watching DWTS with their grandparents parents. But to his son, Sugar Ray will always be ‘just [his] dad’.

15 thoughts on “I admit I’m a fan; please don’t hold it against me.

  1. I haven’t watched this show more than a couple of times, Lenore, but I feel your pain! I love “So You Think You Can Dance”, and have been upset by some of those eliminations (and have posted about it too!)…

    It’s okay to have a guilty pleasure…


  2. I don’t watch but several of my friends do and they were all atwitter over on Facebook (and no doubt Twitter) this morning about the elimination. Such a shame when a good person gets voted out! How is Kirstie doing? I liked her as an actress.

    1. Did you cringe while reading this ‘trash’? 🙂
      Kirstie is not the best dancer, but she is definitely a contender. I have enjoyed watching her dance with Maksim. The two work well together.

      1. Oh, no–I would never cringe! DWTS is one of the most popular shows for a reason. I was curious about Kirstie and Ralph the Karate Kid and how they’re doing. Besides, I watch lots of other TV shows some may consider “cringe-worthy”. Ha!

        1. Darla, you’ve left my 300th comment. You deserve a reward. Email me your email address or mailing address (whichever you prefer), and I will send you a note of thanks. Because comments from fellow bloggers help to keep me motivated! (lenorediane@yahoo.com)
          Please know, Kirstie and Ralph are doing well. I love seeing Ralph. The guy is 49 years old. 49! He still looks like he is in his 20s. Crazy good genes.

  3. Lenore…..sorry. As a DWTS watcher, I admit it, as much as I love Sugar Ray….I thought he would be a better dancer. I did think this was one of his best dances though and did not expect to see him leave, there are other more deserving dancers to be let go! I do agree with you though, Maks is worth the price of admission! Liking Hines too, hope he can hang in there longer!

    1. “Maks is worth the price of admission.” That’s very funny, Lisa! True, too. Here’s hoping Hines is able to stay in the fight and represent sportsmanship!

  4. Will I lose you as a reader if I say that I don’t watch DWTS? My guilty pleasure is American Idol. Other than that, I can’t stay awake for much on TV. Talk about getting old! Enjoy your show. Sorry about Sugar Ray. I feel that pain when I lose a favorite Idol.

    1. AA, you will most definitely not lose me as a reader. (I hope I won’t lose you due to my DWTS love.) I watch the train wrecks of American Idol when the season starts, but once the finalists are named, I’m out. Like you, I can’t stay awake for much on TV. Thankfully, the shows I like are over by 9:30.

  5. I love DWTS. Ballroom dancing is beautiful to watch and it’s a great workout, too. I have to say, I thought it was Sugar Ray’s time. I was shocked when he said something about the difficulties of making a boxer graceful. I’ve always thought boxers were very graceful and I couldn’t understand why he was so stiff. Past injuries, perhaps? With that said, he really was a joy to watch because he seemed to be loving it so much. I hope he continues with the dancing in his personal life.

    Now my rant is more about Kendra. I find myself feeling embarrassed for her week after week. Her “finger-down-the-throat, gagging motion this week to express her distaste for classical music was classless and an insult to the 46 people in the orchestra who played beautifully, not to mention David Garrett, who was amazing.

    Looking forward to SYTYCD. I just love my dancing shows. 🙂

    1. Margaret, you are clearly another sister of mine. The two sisters with whom I watch DWTS said I was being too nice in my post. They wanted me to call out Kendra, but I felt bad naming names. 🙂 Enter your comment. I love it! While Sugar Ray may not have been the most talented dancer, Kendra should have been voted off before Sugar Ray.

      The orchestra was wonderful! Here’s to SYTYCD!! 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you’ll return.

  6. I, too, love Dancing with the Stars. I watch it with my husband. Every season it seems that one or two really good dancers exit early. I was surprised when Sugar Ray was voted off last week, and more surprised that Petra left last night. There are a couple dancers I think should have been voted off first. Right now, I think the leading contenders are Hines Ward and Chelsea. I am rooting for Kirstie to stay on because I love, love, love Max.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susan. Kendra needs to go. She should have gone last week. Frustrating to watch her stay. The dynamic between Kirstie and Maksim is priceless. Long live that dancing couple. (smile) I’d like Ralph to stick around, too. I agree with you, though, Hines and Chelsea are the ones to beat.

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